Why so many people are not concerned about the way of life?

Today I would like to talk about the way of life, I believe every person has the way of life but most people don’t know exactly about the meaning about the way of life, the way of life usually has been formed when person makes a decision and what passion he walks on it.

Normally people are doing something without considering about the risk which is coming from what they do, there’s one thing should be remembered, once the risk is coming from the unknown condition, other side there’s the new opportunity is raising, but unfortunately the opportunity usually makes people discomfort at the first step, so most of them are fleeing away to learn from it, once they are fleeing away from risk, they will become undeveloped person.

Feeling afraid sometimes will bring benefit and also sometimes it can stop somebody to avoid the dangerous thing, if someone feels afraid about the dangerous thing which is coming from the unnatural process in production, I absolutely agree and nod with it, but if someone feels afraid about the way of life, I disagree about it.

there’s no instant result to know about the way of life because the life path has not made yet, it becomes path once human being is making decision, the life is full of uncertainty, no one could predict what will happen in the near future, the only thing we can do is focus about what we are doing at present, not talking about in the future or not talking about the past.

The most dangerous thing in this world is not happening to human life in the past time, but it is happening at present time, if human doesn’t know about the meaning of life which is given by Almighty God at the present, as we can say he is losing hope and losing the human value.