Why some citizens like to meet with the famous people so bad?

Today I would like to talk about the topic why some people like to meet with famous person; this is part of social life, where the humans like to share their story from one person to another person’s story, but there’s something missing if the citizens haven’t seen what famous people doing.

For the citizen, looking at the famous people’s lifestyle are making them lived in the isolation area because the famous people are not interested so much to talk with the citizen, this condition as if there were the big difference between the famous people’s talk class and the citizen’s.

When citizens are feeling upset with the famous people’s social life, the citizen will try to search the news about the famous people from television, radio, magazine, newspaper or any other media, the feeling of curiosity will give big impact to the citizen’s habit and they will do anything in order to get closer to the famous people’s activity.

The reason why the citizens are doing such unproductive activity because their feeling of curiosity are blown up, on the other hand the famous people are busy doing something useful to their private life and ignoring what the citizens doing, this section is very funny and little bit ridiculous because the citizen and the famous people are behaving such children who are playing hide and seek.

The main reason why so many famous people are keeping their private life out of the citizen’s habit because the famous people already know that most citizen would prefer to become the procrastinator than doing what productive people doing in the leisure time.

So when the famous people are getting out of their shelter, the citizen will reach the famous people’s physical body such as shaking the hand, taking pose for the photograph, asking some questions, etc. one thing I could learn from the famous people’s life, they don’t like wasting their free time by doing something without any clear purpose.