Why using gesture during communication is very important?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the reason why using gesture during communication is important, in the human’s social networking website, most people don’t use their gesture how they tell something meaningful words to others people, that is a modern conversation pattern is being shaped to attract someone else’s attraction.

When someone is trying to contact other people via social networking website, their communication will be blocked by gesture, so when other people are trying to reply the message through network, the opponent speaker will not get respond 100 % and their communication will be mute, (no meaningful/sound)

Now I would like to analyze a bit why gesture is important, the first thing is gesture will make the situation become clear, the second thing is gesture will make conversation more attractive and more lively, the third thing is gesture can reduce the repeating explanation, the fourth thing is every gesture can create the opponent speaker’s mood is raising.

In the ancient age, most people are not allowed to talk too much because it will make noise during hunting the animals, besides that talking too much without reason will raise the dispute, this is bad idea if the modern people are living into the old ancient age and talk too much in the old ancient community.

We will look again about the children’s behavior, they are trained since being kid to use their gesture once they are going to reveal their expression, in fact most children can’t stop using gesture during communication because they think using gesture is more practicable and its easier method to tell something to the adult people.

Starting now, please don’t shy to use your gesture once you are making conversation with other people in addition, the more you use your gesture to explain something, the more number of people will believe what you are saying to them even though they don’t really know what you mean.