Why we must be hero to our life history?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why we must be hero to our history, the reason I would share that every single person wants to improve the standard of life to become high standard, normally people will change three things once they want to know how to become better person, it’s started from calculation the amount cost of learning, cost of living and cost of earning.

When we realized in the social life needs the importance of three things above mentioned, we need to change something from the basic mentality at our own first, mindset and attitude are the ultimate value, but both of them need the human emotional intelligent to control it, without any system control from it, human can’t determine what supposed to be in a good life, life doesn’t control of you when you recognize the journey of your life, as return, when you don’t know who you are or what is your destiny, you will accept the risk of negativity and you can’t be captain of your soul.

Life history contains about the series program which it is making you alive, but there’s another issue, who determines the life moment within you, somebody else or yourself? The hero means nobody will replace your position during taking control about your life blueprint.

All we need to do to embrace our life is having willingness to move forward, create the creativity, defeat the symptom of procrastination because the procrastination itself will create the new mindset of misery, anxiety, laziness, darkness, afraid and unhappy.

         For your information that the nature energy is very difficult to control, so when life moment is happening around you, you just need to manage your insatiable curiosity and starting to focus on what you are improving about the essential thing endlessly and also what you are blocking about the inessential thing, that we call it as the hero’s life duty.