How to accelerate the mother of skill?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the mother of skill, as we know that every human resource can be transformed to shape the ultimate power namely creativity, passion and focus, then every gel of creativity, passion and focus can’t be work as automatically except they need some fuels to accelerate its movement, the fuel name is the repetition, I add the one point lesson for you that every single human resources works like the automation machine.

When human can’t outsmart the automation machine system from human resources, the human resources will be improved by negativity such as fear, doubt, worry, indecision, and indifferent, that 5 of negativities will shape the power of evil, on the other hand, if people are eager so much to accelerate the level of passion, people need to accelerate by doing repetition and practice, you must remember that doing practice only without doing repetition, the value of practice becomes dull, but if the people are doing the repetition but not doing practice, the quality of practice becomes impotent.

Basically there many ways how to accelerate the mother of skill, it depends on the acceleration of human’s thinking method, sometimes we need to hack our mindset and separate between the power of evil and the power of sincerity, both power are always staying at human’s soul, once we already hack our mind and inject the gel of new idea from the successful people’s idea, everything you own will be accelerated with a new hope.

Every hope will answer your doubt and your question once you accelerate the gel of habit and the gel of repetition, we don’t know when we can be a new guy or not in the future, but if we obey with the new rule, our mindset program will gain a new power to help us clearing our doubt and we will become the most successful person ever existed.

Why the children always behave curiosity?

Today I would like to talk about the reason, the first thing we should know that children have no experience in life and they haven’t committed anything in their past life, so when there is something new which appears suddenly, they tend to learn and ask a question more and more, sometimes the adult people ignore their children’s curiosity, as result their children’s creativity is gone once the time goes by.

Like an old story which may inspire to most people in the world, this story happened when the great inventor at his childhood, when Thomas Alva Edison was 7 years old, he was sitting down in front of the main door and on the other hand his mother was drying the cloths, then he was asking to his mother “Mom, could you show me around why the sun was not dropping to the ground”, and his mother replied “there’s No way, how can it happen?, Edison”

The moral story we can take from it that every children has own creativity to create the question although that is absurdity, but as scientist thinking way, every curiosity creates the question and every question leads to the knowledge, no wonder every children has great imagination to create miraculously quest, we must take a note that every miraculously idea creates the resourcefulness such as every new idea creates new mindset, every imagination creates the dream. All are happening from one resource namely creativity.

Most people are disengaging their power because they have lost the quality of happiness, once they lost the quality of happiness, they seek another unreconstructed sources, that’s dangerous habit and make them always failed in their standard, that’s the reason why adult people are frustrated about looking for the wealth, the health and steady resources. Once the adult people are keeping looking about the justice and the honesty, maybe everything awful will be changed in no time.

Why most people don’t want to accept the limitation?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the circumstance in the reality life, why most people are refusing the limitation, in fact the limitation is good for everyone because the limitation is created by almighty GOD to make human think a lot about the time existence, life is full of uncertainty and full of hope within, time will count once there’s something is being started, and time will notify to human being about the ending process, that’s the law of limitation, sometimes we need to scrounge our limitation in order to compare between our previous capability with the newest version of our capability.

Every limitation in this world will never be problem because the limitation itself is not designed to restrict human’s wealthy but the limitation will give human being realize how to take the self-responsibility during living in this world, once every people learn about the reality, their mindset are growing up and stable, Every small intention from our pure heart is the beginning of limitation and intention will turn to action, then every action will answer your intention, finally you will end the process, that’s limitation of process, sometimes every limitation will give the command to our mindset and it nurtures to our massive action that we will pursuit our dream what we want to become.

I think as human being, we don’t need to complain if there’s something good or something awful in this life; joy and misery will happen to human being, inspiration and desperation will happen to human being, pain and pleasure will happen to human being, all are the phenomenon, human’s job now is accepting every limitation in this life and choose which experience of life will happen within us, in addition the limitation will teach us how to get resourcefulness on earth such as discipline and wise.

How to endure stress while we are aiming the target?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to endure stress while we are aiming the target, the first thing I want to let you know how to endure stress, you must have the fundamental basic to differentiate between your focus and type of job do you want to do, sometimes we use stress to make it as milestone to higher our belief system, during achieving the target, sometimes we need to select the most priority target and most affection target on the basis, because doing single tasking in the major purpose is better than doing the multi-tasking in the minor purpose.

Stress usually comes when we believe that we are not ready yet to face the reality or our standard are not compatible enough to accustom with our passion, and stress usually can’t be reduced by looking at the problem in one area except you end up thinking about your problem and also you can change your focus to the beautiful place or looking for the inspiration area to unlearn the inessential habit, as result your stress will end up automatically.

The simple method how to live normally in this world by choosing the best decision among two kind of focus; the Inspiration or the desperation, maybe you assume that option will give you the pointless clue but that’s the law of nature, life is full of opportunity that it tells everyone that we must certain to ourselves before setting the target, Stress is part of notification which it will try to warn you and ask you to follow the track of your passion,

don’t waste our time by comparing between our reality with our idealism because every idealism we make, it will not able to measure our capability otherwise some portion of our knowledge version need to be standardized with the higher purpose, now we need to learn from the circumstance first whether it will inspire us or not, sometimes we need to use pain to lift up our standard from the previous standard and every pain we suffer now is telling to us that we must leave our comfort zone area. There’s additional note; every good element in this universe already gives you the inspiration although it looks complicated, luckily the stress belongs to good element in this life, so you just need to set yourself to achieve the target and let stress accompanies you to certain your purpose and let stress will answer your doubt, for the most important thing; don’t let desperation makes you lost your focus and your faith.

How to pull the potential energy to be transferred to our soul?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to pull the potential energy which is to be transferred to our soul, the potential energy is the existent power which it can work once it is shaped by human’s power of decision and also the potential energy can be magnified once it is compelled with the discipline force.

No one knows when the potential energy will work for us but it is working when human has made the strong commitment during doing something daily basis, everyone knows that the potential energy is produced by nature which is offering the mysterious unlimited wealth within, if we want to know whether the potential energy to be adhered with us or not in the reality life, we must draw its attention by emptying our egoism and emptying our pride because the potential energy is not active once the negativity shows up to our soul.

We must recognize the characteristic of the potential energy always seems neutral, it can’t be ruled by negativity because potential energy is created by almighty GOD and also it will be active once there’s positive energy which is coming from the human resources, that the simple rule how to pull the potential energy from the nature, once the potential energy penetrates to human’s soul, the potential energy changes to become the creativity or a special skill at particular scope, so our job now is seeking GOD’s blessing in our daily activity, when we already engage the  potential energy, it will break to our limitation to become opportunity.

The first rule to remind us how to pull the potential energy from the nature; we must pay attention to little thing such making a mistake, don’t try to repeat the cycle of same mistake, over and over again, we should make a new mistake because the opportunity can be detected automatically we make a new mistake at right circumstance, the second rule how to pull the potential energy from the nature; we do raise the standard of everything we have had, such as improving the knowledge, practice 10,000 hours to get new experience from any fields.

How to possess the relentless spirit?

In this topic i would like to talk about how to possess the relentless spirit and live together into our soul, the first thing we should do is preparing the best version of yourself, best preparation is started from our latest mindset whether our mindset is making full of reason to act or making full of excuse to ignore, this statement is having very different meaning and different focus.

The second thing we should do is making the better question to ourselves, and our infinite power actually is divided by two of the leading power; the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, our job is giving question to the leading power and we will give them several seconds to give the best respond to us immediately, when we receive the best version of that respond, the result of respond will shape the answer, now the question is whether we would like to use that answer or not?, the best question often leads us to prepare the best answer.

So now the result depends on our latest standard whether our knowledge is compatible with the standard of problem or not, that is the important thing we need to prepare, please remember this note; without any self-improvement, it definitely will bring us to the desperation, so the relentless power is beyond at all but it needs controlling from our mindset version.

Every reason we create, it will definitely give new opportunity to our latest knowledge version to evolve, the third thing we need to do is making mistake at the first attempt in the new strategy in order to countermeasure the degree of problem ahead, if it doesn’t make it happen, we improve the tactic, sometimes the relentless spirit will open up to our mindset automatically when we succeed to differentiate between focus on process and focus on hope, new  clear hope will alter all the things within our brain to the new direction, the last job we need to do is don’t let our mindset becomes obsolete due to lack of practice.

How to improve my principle to be better one?

Today I would like to talk about how to improve self-principle to better one, this statement as if there’s unofficial rule which it had given a strong criticism to us for several times but we ignore it for several times, and then we forget how to improve our principle, basically the principle is part of discipline we have done continuously till it works automatically.

But the question is “are you happy to do that ritual or not?” I have seen many people are so proud being productive at unimportant thing, then I have seen many people are so proud being procrastinator without giving the strong reason, there is one thing we should remember that time also has own principle namely “I am keep running forward without any compromise”, I assume that is dangerous thing because once the time is keep running, every the opportunity will follow the time, we don’t know when the opportunity will come to us, once we behave like a procrastinator, the opportunity is gone.

There’s something important to be managed by us, namely the power of action, when there’s someone who stays the same in doing same thing, his future becomes yesterday, so when his principle is not improving yet, his wealth is not growing up, so we must try to comprehend that is the law of nature, once the times is up, our opportunity is shapeless, so there’s important characteristic we need to develop before the time and opportunity is gone, that the biggest subject will obstacle our success.

Self-Improvement can be started from changing our old habit and renewing it with learning new method, every method can be collected from the journey of our good experience, how can we know that we will get a good experience? The first thing we should remember when we made a mistake in the past, then we got a pain and bad experience within it, after that we desire to change the method in order to get new result, when we apply the new method, we will get the result, once we get result, our wealth is automatically improved, so from that answer, we can predict that our little sincerely method actually will give the impact to better standard, that we call it as good experience, then the better standard will lead us to get new principle in this life.

Why most people prefer to die poor rather than die rich?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why most people prefer to die poor rather than die rich, there are many factors which it connected with the human’s life, both words have no related with the amount of money, but the meaning of that both words are different although they are having same purpose namely “die”.

If you analyze “die poor” and “die rich”, both words are connected with the human’s knowledge capacity, the purpose of life is starting when all humans are passing away from this world, so there’s no other reason to deny that statement, the law of nature “when it’s started, then it will over” and “when there is born, there’s death”, so the time being is very limited and it’s running forward and it can’t be recalculated, poor and rich are metaphor which it’s representing about the human’s virtue and the human’s knowledge, so I would not say that every human must be rich and having the huge savings to be die rich, No, it’s wrong idea.

In the fact, the richest people who are living prosperously in this world, in the end they finally die poor, look at Marilyn Monroe (Actress) who is dying in the drugs addiction, John Lennon (The Beatles guitarist) who is being shot over his head by his big fans due to John is making the blasphemy statement to Almighty GOD, Elvis Presley (the king of rock and roll) who is dying in the drugs addiction, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park Ex-vocalist) who is dying in the rope hanging, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana vocalist) who is dying in the suicidal action by setting the shotgun’s shooting target, and so on.

The famous people above mentioned, at the beginning state they belong to the rich people but at the end result, they are dying poor, if you want to know how to die rich, you need to check what is your value and what is your destiny for validating to the purpose of life, without getting information about it, we are just like junked stuff “No future, No Purpose of life, No value, No Hope” = the die poor concept.

How much money do the rich people need for alive?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the question how much money do the rich people need? What if we compare with the poverty people need, do they have same expense, that question will be answered automatically when we already know how much expense do the poverty needs to stay alive, the huge money or the huge profit doesn’t guarantee how to make someone alive.

Now I would like to give you another idea how to generate our mindset power before we think about the amount of money, the first thing we should deepen thinking that the purpose of money habit is making you feel satisfied and making you confident only, not making you alive in this world, but without having money at this moment, you still be alive although you need to grab a food or doing business with someone else in order to receive something in return.

Basically we must learn the money’s habit first, if we don’t learn from the money habit, we are ruled by money and we will be influenced to spend the expense more and more without making any decision or new plan, so the rich people and the poverty money should have same idea how to spend the expense, for example: the poverty people are needing 40$ for single meal portion whereas the rich people are needing 40$ for single meal portion in the same country, that we call it as the purpose of meaning of life, all need equals in order to survive in this world, there’s no need to compel ourselves to spend the expense to fulfill the satisfaction, we need a plan and strategy, facing the money is like starting the war.

One day we will know that money is like the deadly weapon, it can be utilized by you to survive in this world and money also can kill your virtue and kill your resources when you don’t know how to use it, there are many ways how to spend the expense with simple budget, as I have ever told you, we need the balance to survive in this world, sometimes we need to calculate how much money we can earn and sometime we need to reduce the expense in order to utilize the money to measure our capabilities and raise our knowledge. 

How to educate ourselves to be the productive person?

Today I would like to talk about how to educate ourselves to be productive person, the first thing we should have is having the clearest dream and the strong reason why we should do it, we all know that the building a main purpose in our life looks easy, but the hardest thing we never assume is questioning about what will happen when we clear our doubt and start to make doubtless approve within the soul, the miracles comes from that decision.

The second thing we should remember that productive person usually not complaining about what they don’t have, but in the fact they utilize something around them and find the ways to make it works, the third step is we must understand that the dream is becoming the dream only when there is no more accurate process, every simple step will determine the strongest force from emotional intelligent, the potential has no limit but it can help us to upgrade our capacity by breaking own rules, once we realize the potential and the intelligent are neutral, they will be active when there are strong decisiveness and strong reason within our mind.

The basic principle how to determine the power of focus is by making productive curiosity such reading book, analyzing the problem, learning the successful people’s mindset and then every day we always make the question to our soul, after that create and compel them as our daily ritual in order to make our body discipline to execute the process, if there is no ritual, our soul will not get up and will not do something from our conscious mind order.

There are many ways how to avoid with obstacles which may lead our mind to the destruction, but the destruction result is calculated by unhappiness state of our conscious mind, the unhappiness rate is often appearing when there’s no details purpose and also the unhappiness state is always being calculated unknowingly by the short term purpose. such as the human is working for money, doing overworked for money, the reason I said that because money can’t be creative, money is meant to facilitate our life style, so human being should ask the money to generate and help us to achieve our dream, additional note; the productive person is not working for money but generate the money to serve more people and change the human lifestyle.

How to avoid the unproductive mistake?

Today I would like to talk about how to avoid the unproductive mistake, this is good idea but it needs strong reason and strong motivation to unlearn the unproductive habit, old adage says the power is nothing without control, so the first step how to avoid the unproductive mistake is controlling what you really true want in daily ritual whether any the inessential thing or not, the second step is controlling what you possess something such as avoiding to be bragged person because the bragged person always does the unproductive mistake indirectly.

People who accustom themselves do the unproductive mistake, they feel proudly do the same thing over and over again, they may seem do the productive thing but actually they produce the unimportant thing, so that ritual will make  them prefer to dwell at the comfort zone and they are afraid so much to step out from that zone.

I don’t consider you’re all activities belong to the unimportant thing but you must bravery to shut it down if you want to avoid doing the unproductive mistake, I will give you the example for the unproductive mistake; please look at the complainer, someone does complain about something he really needs but someone just wishes without making a real plan, in the end result 1 minute the complaining activity will destroy someone’s mentality in 1 hour, the second example is being the ungrateful people, I think this habit has attacked the most people who are not knowing the reason why they underestimate what they have done in the past time and also they never consider there’s something good within all activities they have had.

Please remember this note, the unproductive mistake usually attacks to people who are raising the enemies inside in their head such as someone is being afraid of making insight to the near future or someone is being afraid of doing something new, that the first enemy, for the second enemy; someone is worrying about something which happening if you want to avoid the unproductive mistake, please attack your own enemy namely worry about unnecessary thing and afraid of new something

Why the world really needs the popularity?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the world really needs the popularity, several reasons we need to elucidate why popularity will be needed by the world, I have got some points; the first thing we should analyze that the market will open automatically when there are many demanders will need it so much, the popularity is starting from the market trending and the product usage, the product covers the digital product, the real estate, the stock or the physical product.

The popularity is just symbol which is connecting between the human’s core value and the result, the first thing we need to remember before opening  the market is by making the best preparation from the material itself, the second thing is we need to maximize the product quality whether it is having relevant or not from the demander’s requirements, the third thing is we offer the product to as many as people either via digital marketing or via words of marketing. Sometimes we must create the new opportunity,renew our standard and make it as ritual before the time is sweeping all opportunities to us.

The popularity is part of game, when your attention is being attracted by the popular game, it will try to influence you to play that game although you haven’t much desire to approach it, the moral story from that game is, no matter they are many popular things in this world, it should not as matter to your product, but when we focus to create our masterpiece, we will abandon the popular thing in this world, instead we will build the creativity and let the creativity result will be known to as many as people.

I have ever shared to you beforehand, the popularity doesn’t always bring good impact to mankind but at least the human’s core value will influence the market and the market will open up the popularity for human’s creation, if there’s no popularity in this world, the branding and market trending will not attract to the customer and also there’s no sponsorship value within.

How to turn the dream into our habits?

Today I would like to talk about how to turn the dream into habits, the first we should do is recognizing our purpose why we must do, without any involving the deep question such thing, we can’t turn any kind of dream into habit when we don’t know the reason why you must do it, if you just do it for earning money only, you are unable to make your dream come true.

We must have strong reason why we must have a dream,  dreaming is the part of unlimited force in order to attract your focus to do something, now we are going to change the pattern process, what if the dream would not come closer to us? So we must rearrange our method first before we do it right.

Recognizing the dream is very important because it will determine how fast we reach the clearest goal or not into the reality, so it doesn’t matter you have small dream or big dream, the simple rule we need to remember is we must know the detail of characteristic of the dream itself and know the degree of risk, if we want to make the dream is motivating us and want us to chase it now, we need to pass the small test whether it can help us to understand about the characteristic of the dream, passing the small test is the part of success , the small test is like something will influence you to think how to become a procrastinator, that’s our enemy lies within our head.

In order to avoid the obstacles ahead, we need to select some several requirements to transfer from the potential energy into our daily activity; the first requirement we need to do is doing consistency either the quality of self-improvement or learning with the mentor you want to become, the second requirement we need is pulling the power of the clearest dream to be implanted to our conscious mind, the clearer dream you get, the clearer action you will do.