How much money do the rich people need for alive?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the question how much money do the rich people need? What if we compare with the poverty people need, do they have same expense, that question will be answered automatically when we already know how much expense do the poverty needs to stay alive, the huge money or the huge profit doesn’t guarantee how to make someone alive.

Now I would like to give you another idea how to generate our mindset power before we think about the amount of money, the first thing we should deepen thinking that the purpose of money habit is making you feel satisfied and making you confident only, not making you alive in this world, but without having money at this moment, you still be alive although you need to grab a food or doing business with someone else in order to receive something in return.

Basically we must learn the money’s habit first, if we don’t learn from the money habit, we are ruled by money and we will be influenced to spend the expense more and more without making any decision or new plan, so the rich people and the poverty money should have same idea how to spend the expense, for example: the poverty people are needing 40$ for single meal portion whereas the rich people are needing 40$ for single meal portion in the same country, that we call it as the purpose of meaning of life, all need equals in order to survive in this world, there’s no need to compel ourselves to spend the expense to fulfill the satisfaction, we need a plan and strategy, facing the money is like starting the war.

One day we will know that money is like the deadly weapon, it can be utilized by you to survive in this world and money also can kill your virtue and kill your resources when you don’t know how to use it, there are many ways how to spend the expense with simple budget, as I have ever told you, we need the balance to survive in this world, sometimes we need to calculate how much money we can earn and sometime we need to reduce the expense in order to utilize the money to measure our capabilities and raise our knowledge.