How to accelerate the mother of skill?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the mother of skill, as we know that every human resource can be transformed to shape the ultimate power namely creativity, passion and focus, then every gel of creativity, passion and focus can’t be work as automatically except they need some fuels to accelerate its movement, the fuel name is the repetition, I add the one point lesson for you that every single human resources works like the automation machine.

When human can’t outsmart the automation machine system from human resources, the human resources will be improved by negativity such as fear, doubt, worry, indecision, and indifferent, that 5 of negativities will shape the power of evil, on the other hand, if people are eager so much to accelerate the level of passion, people need to accelerate by doing repetition and practice, you must remember that doing practice only without doing repetition, the value of practice becomes dull, but if the people are doing the repetition but not doing practice, the quality of practice becomes impotent.

Basically there many ways how to accelerate the mother of skill, it depends on the acceleration of human’s thinking method, sometimes we need to hack our mindset and separate between the power of evil and the power of sincerity, both power are always staying at human’s soul, once we already hack our mind and inject the gel of new idea from the successful people’s idea, everything you own will be accelerated with a new hope.

Every hope will answer your doubt and your question once you accelerate the gel of habit and the gel of repetition, we don’t know when we can be a new guy or not in the future, but if we obey with the new rule, our mindset program will gain a new power to help us clearing our doubt and we will become the most successful person ever existed.