How to avoid the unproductive mistake?

Today I would like to talk about how to avoid the unproductive mistake, this is good idea but it needs strong reason and strong motivation to unlearn the unproductive habit, old adage says the power is nothing without control, so the first step how to avoid the unproductive mistake is controlling what you really true want in daily ritual whether any the inessential thing or not, the second step is controlling what you possess something such as avoiding to be bragged person because the bragged person always does the unproductive mistake indirectly.

People who accustom themselves do the unproductive mistake, they feel proudly do the same thing over and over again, they may seem do the productive thing but actually they produce the unimportant thing, so that ritual will make  them prefer to dwell at the comfort zone and they are afraid so much to step out from that zone.

I don’t consider you’re all activities belong to the unimportant thing but you must bravery to shut it down if you want to avoid doing the unproductive mistake, I will give you the example for the unproductive mistake; please look at the complainer, someone does complain about something he really needs but someone just wishes without making a real plan, in the end result 1 minute the complaining activity will destroy someone’s mentality in 1 hour, the second example is being the ungrateful people, I think this habit has attacked the most people who are not knowing the reason why they underestimate what they have done in the past time and also they never consider there’s something good within all activities they have had.

Please remember this note, the unproductive mistake usually attacks to people who are raising the enemies inside in their head such as someone is being afraid of making insight to the near future or someone is being afraid of doing something new, that the first enemy, for the second enemy; someone is worrying about something which happening if you want to avoid the unproductive mistake, please attack your own enemy namely worry about unnecessary thing and afraid of new something