How to become naturalistic person?

I would like to talk about how to become naturalistic person, there is the category of naturalistic person; person usually likes to build the optimization during doing the special thing, or person is trying to improve something new plus unlearn the bad habit in order to affect the progress.

Naturalistic person usually is living with simple budget during adapting with social life because he already knows that purpose of life is not racing to spend or waste a lot of money for pleasure only but life is teaching how to thrift everything in order to keep balance in usage (potential flows in and potential flows out), for example; it is started to water usage, electricity usage, and money usage. That’s naturalistic person behavior.

The naturalistic person usually copies the way thing from natural world behavior in order to apply the system to the human behavior, such as spending time to do something great such the professional work, someone keeps his body to be healthy, someone keeps improving plus keep exploring, that’s natural world behavior, so every single day the naturalistic person utilizes his potential energy to maximize the creativeness for particular purpose.

Spending a lot of money more than natural expense is not part of natural world behavior because the natural system itself doesn’t teach human being how to be the extravagant, so being extravagant person or being unproductive person is not part of being naturalistic person because he himself prefers to choose the way of unnatural habit.

The naturalistic person habit has equal with the productive person because he understands a lot that making potential flows rapidly is not easy and it needs natural process such as how much time is needed to produce, how much obstacle will occur in every day situation, we can conclude that being naturalistic person is not easy to behave because the social life is dominant to influence something unnatural to human behavior, so before it turns into habits, we need to study a new thing about natural world behavior and prevent the bad habit to appears into human lifestyle.