How to build a popular?

I would like to talk about how to build a popular in different ways, during building career, being famous person doesn’t mean he is popular but the popular person usually bring some benefit to as many as people and finally he becomes famous person because of his result of continued improvement in product of commitment, so the reason I choose that topic is I want to offer new idea to many people that everyone has new chance to get popular from someone’s talent or the unique skill.

When someone has intention to build career and make it popular, he must not work at the entertainment program or must not work at the infotainment program, to make something popular, someone just needs making the product value where it can influence to as many as people and then attract many people to enjoy the product value, the philosophy of popular is serving something great in order to get as much as people’s attraction and showing the highly enjoyable benefit to as many as people for long term usage.

During making the product value, every finished product can be collected from someone’s innovative idea or it is taken from the end result of experience during making an innovative product, the human’s value is like balloon, it can be smaller once the human stops continuing and human value can be bigger once the human keeps improving.

Popular doesn’t need the name for being known by many people in the world, but popular needs the benefit scale for long term usage, the reason is the society will use the product value for maintaining the daily needs continuously, so making the continued improvement system is the basic rule in order to get the repeated order or get the customer’s satisfaction.

The popular will automatically push you to increase the product value when the customer will do repeated order and finally you will become famous person everlasting, so every decision is depending on someone’s mindset, becoming a popular person actually doesn’t need the prestige appearance because popular needs human’s resources.