How to educate ourselves to be the productive person?

Today I would like to talk about how to educate ourselves to be productive person, the first thing we should have is having the clearest dream and the strong reason why we should do it, we all know that the building a main purpose in our life looks easy, but the hardest thing we never assume is questioning about what will happen when we clear our doubt and start to make doubtless approve within the soul, the miracles comes from that decision.

The second thing we should remember that productive person usually not complaining about what they don’t have, but in the fact they utilize something around them and find the ways to make it works, the third step is we must understand that the dream is becoming the dream only when there is no more accurate process, every simple step will determine the strongest force from emotional intelligent, the potential has no limit but it can help us to upgrade our capacity by breaking own rules, once we realize the potential and the intelligent are neutral, they will be active when there are strong decisiveness and strong reason within our mind.

The basic principle how to determine the power of focus is by making productive curiosity such reading book, analyzing the problem, learning the successful people’s mindset and then every day we always make the question to our soul, after that create and compel them as our daily ritual in order to make our body discipline to execute the process, if there is no ritual, our soul will not get up and will not do something from our conscious mind order.

There are many ways how to avoid with obstacles which may lead our mind to the destruction, but the destruction result is calculated by unhappiness state of our conscious mind, the unhappiness rate is often appearing when there’s no details purpose and also the unhappiness state is always being calculated unknowingly by the short term purpose. such as the human is working for money, doing overworked for money, the reason I said that because money can’t be creative, money is meant to facilitate our life style, so human being should ask the money to generate and help us to achieve our dream, additional note; the productive person is not working for money but generate the money to serve more people and change the human lifestyle.