How to endure stress while we are aiming the target?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to endure stress while we are aiming the target, the first thing I want to let you know how to endure stress, you must have the fundamental basic to differentiate between your focus and type of job do you want to do, sometimes we use stress to make it as milestone to higher our belief system, during achieving the target, sometimes we need to select the most priority target and most affection target on the basis, because doing single tasking in the major purpose is better than doing the multi-tasking in the minor purpose.

Stress usually comes when we believe that we are not ready yet to face the reality or our standard are not compatible enough to accustom with our passion, and stress usually can’t be reduced by looking at the problem in one area except you end up thinking about your problem and also you can change your focus to the beautiful place or looking for the inspiration area to unlearn the inessential habit, as result your stress will end up automatically.

The simple method how to live normally in this world by choosing the best decision among two kind of focus; the Inspiration or the desperation, maybe you assume that option will give you the pointless clue but that’s the law of nature, life is full of opportunity that it tells everyone that we must certain to ourselves before setting the target, Stress is part of notification which it will try to warn you and ask you to follow the track of your passion,

don’t waste our time by comparing between our reality with our idealism because every idealism we make, it will not able to measure our capability otherwise some portion of our knowledge version need to be standardized with the higher purpose, now we need to learn from the circumstance first whether it will inspire us or not, sometimes we need to use pain to lift up our standard from the previous standard and every pain we suffer now is telling to us that we must leave our comfort zone area. There’s additional note; every good element in this universe already gives you the inspiration although it looks complicated, luckily the stress belongs to good element in this life, so you just need to set yourself to achieve the target and let stress accompanies you to certain your purpose and let stress will answer your doubt, for the most important thing; don’t let desperation makes you lost your focus and your faith.