How to improve my principle to be better one?

Today I would like to talk about how to improve self-principle to better one, this statement as if there’s unofficial rule which it had given a strong criticism to us for several times but we ignore it for several times, and then we forget how to improve our principle, basically the principle is part of discipline we have done continuously till it works automatically.

But the question is “are you happy to do that ritual or not?” I have seen many people are so proud being productive at unimportant thing, then I have seen many people are so proud being procrastinator without giving the strong reason, there is one thing we should remember that time also has own principle namely “I am keep running forward without any compromise”, I assume that is dangerous thing because once the time is keep running, every the opportunity will follow the time, we don’t know when the opportunity will come to us, once we behave like a procrastinator, the opportunity is gone.

There’s something important to be managed by us, namely the power of action, when there’s someone who stays the same in doing same thing, his future becomes yesterday, so when his principle is not improving yet, his wealth is not growing up, so we must try to comprehend that is the law of nature, once the times is up, our opportunity is shapeless, so there’s important characteristic we need to develop before the time and opportunity is gone, that the biggest subject will obstacle our success.

Self-Improvement can be started from changing our old habit and renewing it with learning new method, every method can be collected from the journey of our good experience, how can we know that we will get a good experience? The first thing we should remember when we made a mistake in the past, then we got a pain and bad experience within it, after that we desire to change the method in order to get new result, when we apply the new method, we will get the result, once we get result, our wealth is automatically improved, so from that answer, we can predict that our little sincerely method actually will give the impact to better standard, that we call it as good experience, then the better standard will lead us to get new principle in this life.