How to maximize the focus point?

Today I would like to share about how to maximize the focus point, this topic is generated from the question how to achieve the target in time, I am sure everybody needs to change the quadrant of life from being consumptive person to become the productive and the progressive person.

But how to start the new habit needs more tactic and strategy how to control our energy, we must admit that every day we are trained to waste the potential energy rather than having the hobby to collect the potential energy from the successful people who have passed the kind of improvement test. Maybe you think about “why so bother to make different thing if the last year achievement is going to be same with the next year’s ”, that’s symptoms of frustrated person, or uncreative person mindset, sometimes we need to hack our old mindset and unlearn the unproductive mistake from the past time.

The first thing we should know that unproductive mistake usually has been done by human who is enjoying it and never have the insight of dream such as playing online game for the most days, hanging out with friend for the party, going somewhere without having the clear mission, go shopping for fulfilling self- satisfaction only, etc.

In order to maximizing the focus point, the first thing we must do is reducing some kind of activities especially activity without having much productive purpose, and the second thing we need to make compelling between your commitment and your standard, if you still keep the old standard, you can’t make a deal with your higher purpose. So before we want to measure whether we can maximize the focus point to get better life and target, we need to renew something; checking our standard is the first priority because our higher standard will determine how far we can run with our previous value capacity and also determine how much competent we can earn from it.

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