How to possess the relentless spirit?

In this topic i would like to talk about how to possess the relentless spirit and live together into our soul, the first thing we should do is preparing the best version of yourself, best preparation is started from our latest mindset whether our mindset is making full of reason to act or making full of excuse to ignore, this statement is having very different meaning and different focus.

The second thing we should do is making the better question to ourselves, and our infinite power actually is divided by two of the leading power; the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, our job is giving question to the leading power and we will give them several seconds to give the best respond to us immediately, when we receive the best version of that respond, the result of respond will shape the answer, now the question is whether we would like to use that answer or not?, the best question often leads us to prepare the best answer.

So now the result depends on our latest standard whether our knowledge is compatible with the standard of problem or not, that is the important thing we need to prepare, please remember this note; without any self-improvement, it definitely will bring us to the desperation, so the relentless power is beyond at all but it needs controlling from our mindset version.

Every reason we create, it will definitely give new opportunity to our latest knowledge version to evolve, the third thing we need to do is making mistake at the first attempt in the new strategy in order to countermeasure the degree of problem ahead, if it doesn’t make it happen, we improve the tactic, sometimes the relentless spirit will open up to our mindset automatically when we succeed to differentiate between focus on process and focus on hope, new  clear hope will alter all the things within our brain to the new direction, the last job we need to do is don’t let our mindset becomes obsolete due to lack of practice.