How to pull the potential energy to be transferred to our soul?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to pull the potential energy which is to be transferred to our soul, the potential energy is the existent power which it can work once it is shaped by human’s power of decision and also the potential energy can be magnified once it is compelled with the discipline force.

No one knows when the potential energy will work for us but it is working when human has made the strong commitment during doing something daily basis, everyone knows that the potential energy is produced by nature which is offering the mysterious unlimited wealth within, if we want to know whether the potential energy to be adhered with us or not in the reality life, we must draw its attention by emptying our egoism and emptying our pride because the potential energy is not active once the negativity shows up to our soul.

We must recognize the characteristic of the potential energy always seems neutral, it can’t be ruled by negativity because potential energy is created by almighty GOD and also it will be active once there’s positive energy which is coming from the human resources, that the simple rule how to pull the potential energy from the nature, once the potential energy penetrates to human’s soul, the potential energy changes to become the creativity or a special skill at particular scope, so our job now is seeking GOD’s blessing in our daily activity, when we already engage the  potential energy, it will break to our limitation to become opportunity.

The first rule to remind us how to pull the potential energy from the nature; we must pay attention to little thing such making a mistake, don’t try to repeat the cycle of same mistake, over and over again, we should make a new mistake because the opportunity can be detected automatically we make a new mistake at right circumstance, the second rule how to pull the potential energy from the nature; we do raise the standard of everything we have had, such as improving the knowledge, practice 10,000 hours to get new experience from any fields.