How to turn the dream into our habits?

Today I would like to talk about how to turn the dream into habits, the first we should do is recognizing our purpose why we must do, without any involving the deep question such thing, we can’t turn any kind of dream into habit when we don’t know the reason why you must do it, if you just do it for earning money only, you are unable to make your dream come true.

We must have strong reason why we must have a dream,  dreaming is the part of unlimited force in order to attract your focus to do something, now we are going to change the pattern process, what if the dream would not come closer to us? So we must rearrange our method first before we do it right.

Recognizing the dream is very important because it will determine how fast we reach the clearest goal or not into the reality, so it doesn’t matter you have small dream or big dream, the simple rule we need to remember is we must know the detail of characteristic of the dream itself and know the degree of risk, if we want to make the dream is motivating us and want us to chase it now, we need to pass the small test whether it can help us to understand about the characteristic of the dream, passing the small test is the part of success , the small test is like something will influence you to think how to become a procrastinator, that’s our enemy lies within our head.

In order to avoid the obstacles ahead, we need to select some several requirements to transfer from the potential energy into our daily activity; the first requirement we need to do is doing consistency either the quality of self-improvement or learning with the mentor you want to become, the second requirement we need is pulling the power of the clearest dream to be implanted to our conscious mind, the clearer dream you get, the clearer action you will do.