What is repetition and what is it used for?

Today I would like to talk about the common question “what is repetition and what is it used for?” that question is very good to discuss because it reflects to humans habit and other creatures habit, sometimes we need to analyze what we were going to do from the sunrise till sunset, once humans realize so much about their repetition in this life, they will ignore the inessential thing which it is making their creativity to the back seat, not the front seat.

The front seat means someone is making the priority target, making a progress in every day, the back seat means someone is doing over and over again with the same standard,  the back seat describes that humans repetition look alike they have been arguing with their failure and humans keep criticizing to their happiness where it was trapped to unknown place humans don’t belong, I assume that human’s result of responsibility, nevertheless humans can’t escape from the result of responsibility whether they had it done.  

I need to remind you that the meaning of productive activity doesn’t always refer to earn money, but productive activity is like someone is upgrading own mentality and improving own knowledge by reading book or learning something new from any kind of circumstance or learning from the trusted informant, those are the series importance things which is supposed to be the ultimate resources.

Every repetition will create the gear movement, once it moves faster, it will create the limitless new power, I just want to warn you that you must notice to what you consumed in the past or care to what activity you have done, before your activity becomes repetition, please check whether your activity will keep you looking the inspiration or making you feel the desperation. Every power can help humans to manipulate the new idea and also power always transform to human’s repetition.
                               Repetition will break new power