Why the children always behave curiosity?

Today I would like to talk about the reason, the first thing we should know that children have no experience in life and they haven’t committed anything in their past life, so when there is something new which appears suddenly, they tend to learn and ask a question more and more, sometimes the adult people ignore their children’s curiosity, as result their children’s creativity is gone once the time goes by.

Like an old story which may inspire to most people in the world, this story happened when the great inventor at his childhood, when Thomas Alva Edison was 7 years old, he was sitting down in front of the main door and on the other hand his mother was drying the cloths, then he was asking to his mother “Mom, could you show me around why the sun was not dropping to the ground”, and his mother replied “there’s No way, how can it happen?, Edison”

The moral story we can take from it that every children has own creativity to create the question although that is absurdity, but as scientist thinking way, every curiosity creates the question and every question leads to the knowledge, no wonder every children has great imagination to create miraculously quest, we must take a note that every miraculously idea creates the resourcefulness such as every new idea creates new mindset, every imagination creates the dream. All are happening from one resource namely creativity.

Most people are disengaging their power because they have lost the quality of happiness, once they lost the quality of happiness, they seek another unreconstructed sources, that’s dangerous habit and make them always failed in their standard, that’s the reason why adult people are frustrated about looking for the wealth, the health and steady resources. Once the adult people are keeping looking about the justice and the honesty, maybe everything awful will be changed in no time.