Why comfortable creates secure?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why comfortable creates secure, what will happen with that statement, can you make the reasonable idea from it? This is good view when someone wants to create comfortable, the meaning of comfortable is having good resourcefulness which it can buy all services within. So don’t just look for secure because there’s no security system in this world which it can guarantee everything to the human possesses.

The secure action usually consider about the good judgment from the activity which it has been done by most people at working place, so they will not take new risk from what they have done, but don’t forget that depending the secure action will give you the undeveloped thinking because you only do what you can do in your field area.

I give the example to comprehend about the meaning of secure in reality life; most people are working at company or at organization because they think they have the secure job for everlasting life, but there’s limit area which it can’t give a guarantee for human living; the first limit area is the human’s age and the second limit area is there’s government policy which it organizes about the productive working age limitation. So the secure job is not the best option to feel comfortable in this life moment because the secure job just blocks the human vision from the uncertain gift such as creativity in the most days, so the major ultimate resources at human being which it lies at passion and creativity.

The purpose of real security system in the world; it is being made to protect the precious thing from the destruction or being robbed, not valid for human living, so starting now; don’t just look for the secure thing from its appearance and don’t make it as your primary goal in this life, that method will make your creativity to become blunt, but please try to look for the uncomfortable idea which it can make you being productive person in order to get comfortable zone in freedom area, that’s the true of comfortable plus secure systemplease remember this note; the comfortable definitely offers secure but secure doesn’t always offer comfortable.