Why human desires to be replica product, not to be genuine product?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the question why human desires to be replica product, not to be the genuine product, this is concerning with human resources and this is good idea to disclose it, there are several reasons to prove that statement, the first reason is the replica human doesn’t know the purpose of his life, and he doesn’t know how to determine the specific requirement in order to create the genuine product in order to attract the global market, the second reason is being genuine person needs too much creativity to be adhered in the product, the third reason is the replica person can’t give the full service as the genuine person usually does, the product usually concerns with the human value such creativity.

The example above mentioned will be same with the standard of human living in this world, you must know that the characteristic of human will not be determined by reality, but the human itself is forming himself to be replica of reality, what I mean to talk about that is many people are prefer living with the same standard (cost of living and cost of consuming are bigger than earning money in the reality), so when there’s person who wants to make you down during competing with business career, don’t easy to be influenced with such condition because you must believe that the replica person will not able to create the genuine product as you do to serve people in the business.

The creativity will appear to the human virtue when people are busy to produce his resourcefulness to be most popular and genuine product, there’s different between genuine person and the replica person, the first difference is the genuine person is spending his leisure time to produce as well as increase the knowledge, otherwise the replica person is following the most people’s lifestyle and increasing the consumption of living cost.