Why most people are living in fantasy world and becoming frustrated?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the reason why most people are living in the fantasy, there are many reason to discover why they behave such thing, the first reason is most people are neglecting their quality of life which is happening to their life circumstances, that the first phenomenon.
When the fantasy people have been asked with the purpose of life by successful people, they just reply “what would I do to change this life?”, they more likely to magnify the question of indecision, that is the dangerous thing which is happening to their life.

Do you know the difference between the fantasy people and the creative person? The unrealistic people: they usually don’t accept the reality, they more likely neglect their weakness point, instead of focusing what they imagine plus put the imagination result to their idealism, but the creative people accept the reality, accept their weakness point, in addition they spend their leisure time to use their imagination result to produce the resourcefulness in order to make the creativity product.

Most people are considering how the way they see in the picture is always right and it looks promising, but in the actual condition, the picture is representing your frustration where you are not going with it, and also you start neglecting why the frustration must be coming to you, that the symptom of unrealistic people.

When people decide to make different thing of endeavor, they just do what they want to do but they never set the specific goal, so that’s the major problems which are happening to the frustrated people because they think doing in reality are better than doing something different in the fantasy world, in my opinion that’s symptom of dangerous idealism.

The purpose of goal setting in the fantasy world is determining your capacity only, so when you had set the goal setting in the fantasy world, after that you need to transfer your capacity to the reality goal in order to produce more creativity, maybe you can produce the creativity but you can’t produce the time, that’s reason the time management is needed to set the specific goal in order to countermeasure your result whether they are succeeding or not. That’s the realist mindset.