Why most people don’t want to accept the limitation?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the circumstance in the reality life, why most people are refusing the limitation, in fact the limitation is good for everyone because the limitation is created by almighty GOD to make human think a lot about the time existence, life is full of uncertainty and full of hope within, time will count once there’s something is being started, and time will notify to human being about the ending process, that’s the law of limitation, sometimes we need to scrounge our limitation in order to compare between our previous capability with the newest version of our capability.

Every limitation in this world will never be problem because the limitation itself is not designed to restrict human’s wealthy but the limitation will give human being realize how to take the self-responsibility during living in this world, once every people learn about the reality, their mindset are growing up and stable, Every small intention from our pure heart is the beginning of limitation and intention will turn to action, then every action will answer your intention, finally you will end the process, that’s limitation of process, sometimes every limitation will give the command to our mindset and it nurtures to our massive action that we will pursuit our dream what we want to become.

I think as human being, we don’t need to complain if there’s something good or something awful in this life; joy and misery will happen to human being, inspiration and desperation will happen to human being, pain and pleasure will happen to human being, all are the phenomenon, human’s job now is accepting every limitation in this life and choose which experience of life will happen within us, in addition the limitation will teach us how to get resourcefulness on earth such as discipline and wise.