Why most people don’t want to get out from the comfort zone?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why most people don’t want to get out from the comfort zone, there are several things need to be elucidated from different point of view from the experience person in the past and also take some reasonable idea from the successful person’s reason.

Before we explain about the reason, now I would like to invite you to contemplate for the meaning of comfort zone; the comfort zone is the circle area which is ensuring you don’t want to escape from the parameter area because you will be facilitated with bonus, in addition the system tells the program ascertains you don’t need to question about it except accepting all services from it.

Whether you are happy or unhappy with comfort zone, you just need to adapt yourself with system which it lies at parameter area, in addition the purpose of comfort zone, it will turn off your creativity and change it to become new habit, once you feel the comfort zone as new habit, you are no longer needing creativity. Some people think there is nothing to deep understanding about the risk once someone is staying at the comfort zone, so basically the comfort zone is teaching human being to obey any kind of rules within and influence some people to be calm and not too anxiety with comfort zone because any kind of risk has been shut by the secure system, that’s the real motivation of the comfort zone.

When you have an intention to come out of parameter area, you will be intrigued with new system which it is making you doubt about your decision, so that’s risk I want to tell you right now, the risk of staying at comfort zone is making you felt unease when the system is no longer valid for longer time and also turn off your creativity.