Why most people like to dwell in someone else dream?

In this topic I would like to talk about the reason why most people like to dwell in someone else dream, does God grace the human vitality and the wealth to human being? , this is not easy to comprehend that question because every human has own belief to answer that question.

Do you know the reason why I suggest you to focus on your dream because your ultimate power lies within time, once time being, you can create creativity, focus, opportunity, determination, vitality, passion, sincerity and hope, but we must remember that we are having limited time to obsolete, unused and become old in the future, we are like product, it has limited usage or expired time.

If we don’t utilize time for validating the human resources above mentioned to make a purpose of life, we are deliberately diminishing or immobilizing our value and we are relying on the powerful people out there for everlasting.

The powerful people and the powerless people are having same dream, having the same value and having the same hope, so what is difference between the powerful people and the powerless people? The difference is powerful people are having a vested interest to utilize the time for validating the human resources otherwise the powerless people are frustrated with weakness point and focusing on the unproductive belief.

What we can do for now is stop believing to unproductive belief such as worry, afraid, indecision, fear, indifferent and doubt, that’s the infinite manner how to validate the human value, at this moment we must start to create the new value which is changed to become the priceless product such as being proactive, being progressive and being productive. Without having 3 categories within our mindset, we are unable to actualize the dream, so we will become powerless and rely on powerful people for everlasting.