Why most people prefer to die poor rather than die rich?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why most people prefer to die poor rather than die rich, there are many factors which it connected with the human’s life, both words have no related with the amount of money, but the meaning of that both words are different although they are having same purpose namely “die”.

If you analyze “die poor” and “die rich”, both words are connected with the human’s knowledge capacity, the purpose of life is starting when all humans are passing away from this world, so there’s no other reason to deny that statement, the law of nature “when it’s started, then it will over” and “when there is born, there’s death”, so the time being is very limited and it’s running forward and it can’t be recalculated, poor and rich are metaphor which it’s representing about the human’s virtue and the human’s knowledge, so I would not say that every human must be rich and having the huge savings to be die rich, No, it’s wrong idea.

In the fact, the richest people who are living prosperously in this world, in the end they finally die poor, look at Marilyn Monroe (Actress) who is dying in the drugs addiction, John Lennon (The Beatles guitarist) who is being shot over his head by his big fans due to John is making the blasphemy statement to Almighty GOD, Elvis Presley (the king of rock and roll) who is dying in the drugs addiction, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park Ex-vocalist) who is dying in the rope hanging, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana vocalist) who is dying in the suicidal action by setting the shotgun’s shooting target, and so on.

The famous people above mentioned, at the beginning state they belong to the rich people but at the end result, they are dying poor, if you want to know how to die rich, you need to check what is your value and what is your destiny for validating to the purpose of life, without getting information about it, we are just like junked stuff “No future, No Purpose of life, No value, No Hope” = the die poor concept.