Why my hobby can’t make me becoming a productive person?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the reason why someone’s hobby is just wasting his time and making him unproductive, what wrong with his hobby? We must realize hobby is not always making someone to be productive because hobby is just part of human satisfaction activity. When there’s someone desires to change someone’s hobby, he needs to change the purpose of making a hobby.

The productive hobby usually is making many people felt ease and full inspired, serving more people with good service program, the difference between productive hobby and unproductive hobby are lies to the purpose of serving, the unproductive hobby usually doesn’t inspire many people to enjoy the product maker, instead the unproductive hobby is making someone though about how to satisfy his own desire with his leisure time and his money, otherwise the productive hobby is always leading someone to serve many people in order to enjoy or buy the product maker. Now everything returns to the basic of one’s intention.

When someone needs to change the dogma why his hobby doesn’t make himself to be the productive person because he prioritizes his own decisiveness and not being able to serve something greater to many people, so the productive hobby usually is being created in order to measure someone’s staying power and improve the earning ability, What the benefit between the productive hobby and the unproductive hobby? The unproductive hobby usually is being made in order to decrease someone’s boring and increase the unproductive habit otherwise the productive hobby usually is being made by someone one to improve his special skill such as increasing the earning ability due to someone’s lacking of capital and decrease the variant of unproductive habit.

That’s all what I share to you, basically every person when he was child, he usually is being educated by his parents or his surrounding environment to make the unproductive hobby rather than he is being educated to make the productive hobby, the example of productive hobbies; writing article/book, coaching in sport, saving the money at the mutual fund business program, etc. the example of unproductive hobbies; shopping without any capital plan, being moviegoer, idling away to the mall, playing scrabble, etc.