Why my principle is not working in the reality life?

Today I would like to talk about the topic why my principle is not working in the reality life, indeed this problem is not easy to detect but now we are going to elucidate where the problem is coming, now when someone talks about the principle, there must be question about “why my dream is not coming yet, in fact I make the tremendous experience once someone else doesn’t do?”

The problem already been detected why his dream is not coming yet. The first problem; he is not focusing to the path of his dreaming; instead he is focusing to the failure or process. The second problem; he is too anxiety about his dream, in fact his dreaming is not moving away, but it’s waiting for you in the future. The third problem; he needs the instant result and he is ignoring the process of running time.

Having the strong belief is not enough to deal with process, but it needs another factor to support the strong belief; namely by hacking the left brain model function and focus to the right brain’s function, such as increasing the creativity, that’s value point how to maximize the right brain function, something reversal of left brain function will bring us to the right brain function, maybe some people think they need to avoid the problem, that the left brain function, but we need to realize that every problem is being made by circumstance doesn’t mean making someone to be foolish or degrading his life model but making degree of mistake is making someone to be creative because he uses his right brain to make the degree of comparison to compare which way the best between his new principle and his old one.

The creative person mindset is usually making different mistake because he believes making new mistake is the greatest opportunity, the old fashioned minded people they usually repeat the same mistake in one cycle, that’s problem why their principles are not working in the reality.