Why popular follows value?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why popular follows value, this topic will answer most people’s doubt and help them to recognize what value will be developed to increase the life career and becomes popular like new adage “if human has no value, what kind of product should be offered to the world”.

As you know that time goes forward and run rapidly, it doesn’t compromise to us, no matter what reason will it taken, time will abandon us sooner, getting popular usually takes time to prove that you are very important to society, once your product is well known, your name will be remembered as well.

So our life actually is teaching us how to make self-product, whether we are successful or unsuccessful person in this life being, we are being made by our self-commitment and our self-product is our self-knowledge, so popular and value are working in tandem whereas value will be put at front location and the popular will be put at back location.

There’s nothing to worry about popular because popular itself will be forgotten by yourself when you already achieve to all of your dream, popular is just like the medals, not the real goal, when you aim the popularity as your primary goal and try to implement it to your life circle area, you can be popular person in short time, but another problem will come once you forget to maintain your product quality, once you forget the quality of yours then your popularity is getting down immediately.

Being popular person doesn’t mean you will comfortable with it because your private life will be disturbed by reality, to any creative people, they must be ready with any kind of consequences and follow what they want to improve, please remember this note; you may forget about yesterday’s moment but don’t forget to learn from your life experience because good experience is coming from wisdom which is calculated by the bad experience.