Why the Secure job makes someone feel daunt to leave comfort zone?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the secure job makes someone feel daunt to leave comfort zone; this is common statement when someone is leaving the comfort zone, I have ever told to another article that the purpose of comfort zone, it will turn off your creativity and change it to become new habit, once you feel the comfort zone as new habit, you are no longer needing creativity.

That’s normal condition when someone is staying at comfort zone for many years, feel secure doesn’t mean someone will feel comfortable with it because there must be rule which is restricting the human creativity, so feeling worry is part of normal feeling which is happening to any kind of people who are unable to recognize about the human resources.

Besides that, the secure job doesn’t offer the new chance to evolve for new guy, so if you are having special talent to particular scope, you would better to stay away from the secure job because it will shut your creativity, instead you are burying your primary goal. The purpose of secure job which it is being made to the world because the secure job itself has idealism to influence people to be the money making machine and also the secure job has idealism to lead group of people to the convenient place with low risky and standard payment within.

Only dreamer who is neglecting the standard payment because he believes he is having confident enough to maximize the creativity and sharpen his ideology to create the experience of mistake and earn the unlimited wealth from his power of focus, that the creative person’s mindset, so the creative person usually refuses the secure job existence because secure job itself has limited resource, otherwise the human resources has unlimited resources to earn more money limitless.