Why we can’t build our potential overnight?

In this topic I would like to talk about the reason why we can’t build the human potential overnight, there are several reasons to explain why potential can’t be built in overnight, and also there are many obstacles which are lies into human’s habit.

The potential is like a tree, we need to implant the seed in the ground, water them every day, so the soil will be nourished, and it will support the seed to grow up every day, I give you the real example about the potential energy existence, please look at the basketball player, every day the player practices to shoot over his head 500 shooting to get the right accurate timing, so every player targets to shoot 500 throwing from the basket radius range to standing position point.

The potential energy will flow automatically to the human skill when human keeps consistent during practicing the craft every day, then don’t ever try to stop hearing the suggestion or criticism from the experts because new information can be considered as new point of view, during practice, please don’t ever try to lose hope because the potential energy can’t be predicted when it will come to you.

You just need to focus what you love to do, believe what you have learned, stop criticizing to others, stop blaming others for their mistake; don’t just do what you can only do because it will indicate that you stop evolving plus try to imagine that you have many competitors who will grab your championship belt.

So when you successfully hacked your old mindset with new mindset, the new result will approach you and ignite your head to get straight to the clear goal, without clear goal, you will chase the hazy goal and it will mislead you to the wrong direction as well as the wrong place in the future.

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