Why the world really needs the popularity?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the world really needs the popularity, several reasons we need to elucidate why popularity will be needed by the world, I have got some points; the first thing we should analyze that the market will open automatically when there are many demanders will need it so much, the popularity is starting from the market trending and the product usage, the product covers the digital product, the real estate, the stock or the physical product.

The popularity is just symbol which is connecting between the human’s core value and the result, the first thing we need to remember before opening  the market is by making the best preparation from the material itself, the second thing is we need to maximize the product quality whether it is having relevant or not from the demander’s requirements, the third thing is we offer the product to as many as people either via digital marketing or via words of marketing. Sometimes we must create the new opportunity,renew our standard and make it as ritual before the time is sweeping all opportunities to us.

The popularity is part of game, when your attention is being attracted by the popular game, it will try to influence you to play that game although you haven’t much desire to approach it, the moral story from that game is, no matter they are many popular things in this world, it should not as matter to your product, but when we focus to create our masterpiece, we will abandon the popular thing in this world, instead we will build the creativity and let the creativity result will be known to as many as people.

I have ever shared to you beforehand, the popularity doesn’t always bring good impact to mankind but at least the human’s core value will influence the market and the market will open up the popularity for human’s creation, if there’s no popularity in this world, the branding and market trending will not attract to the customer and also there’s no sponsorship value within.