How to create the undying passion?

Today I would like to talk about how to create the undying passion, some people think that they have passion but why most people are failed at the first attempt and they would prefer to choose quit rather than keep trying, the reason is they don’t have the undying passion, you may have curiosity to ask what the different between the ordinary passion and the undying passion? The ordinary passion is the strong feeling which it has influenced people to create something in the near future otherwise, the undying passion is kind of the strong feeling which it is has influenced people to work not for the fame or the money, and that strong feeling will shape the new innovative idea and ensure people keep on the trail, then people will do something useful consistently either in a bad day or in a good day.

Basically the undying passion will stay peacefully once the optimistic people believe with universe’s life system and apply it to their dream, those people who don’t have enough courage to believe with their passion, they will speak in silence mode, not louder, if you want to connect the link between your passion and with your capability, you must obsess the ability to activate the power of hope, that is the key.

The power of hope will not promise everything to make you happier person but the power of hope will make you feel optimistic and it will make you braved to keep going with it until you will break your limitation, when you keep going and keep doing with that ritual, as result you will engage the unlimited wealth.

Without having an urged matter, you can’t do something better than you have ever done before, so you must make sure that you have the scheduled time to release your power to create the undying passion, don’t just become the spectator who just watch the people’s successful result, the undying passion is just needing the your time, courage, idea, hope and your vitality. The best ideas don’t come out to shape your undying passion, the best ideas is just making you think clearer to embrace the insurmountable thing, ideas don’t promise the result but ideas make you believe what you do now is approaching to the undying passion area, that is the biggest clue.

Why the human’s rule creates the desperation?

Today I would like to talk about the question why human’s rule creates the desperation to others, based on statistic value on successful people’s habit, they have similar thinking way; namely breaking their own rules, this statement may seem give the unstructured idea, but take a note this word “breaking rule means breaking unsatisfactory feeling to keep evolve and discard the unproductive habit

Most people agree that the cleverest person in the world will do something for money and solve many difficulties problem to get the satisfaction feeling and rewards, but in the end they are still relying the job and keep working on the company, if they think they smarter than anybody does, they should create the self-rule to evolve and handle the risk they are facing, not fleeing away from the reality, in my opinion only those people who are following the rule without considering the risk within, those are part of the most desperation people, the main reason why most people like to create the desperation, because those people who can’t deal with their own rule, furthermore they have failed to break the self-rule and accept limitation.

The limitation is like the numbers of seed, a seed equals the human talent, when someone is digging a hole and start to cultivate it, a seed can shape a new hope, limitation doesn’t mean limitation which it’s stop growing, the limitation means it’s growing in one field area, in this life we just choose one option among two options; desperation or inspiration, we can value based on the statistic result; if people’s capability still can’t evolve or it doesn’t work, that means they choose the life of desperation, That's law how to recognize your own mindset; inspiration or desperation are living in the option and it can’t be separated, if you can’t search the inspiration, you can be the inspiration to yourself and create your own philosophy to be studious person, don’t just wait the uncertain reward from other people, because if you don’t make it happen, you engage the life of desperation automatically.

 Averagely the human’s law content about the sign of warning and focus to give the punishment to those people who aren’t following it, sometimes I am very shocked with the human rule which it can’t inspire to other people, because when people are losing faith about what they are going to do with the rules, people will go blind of hope.

How to handle pressure through the bad experience

Today I would like to talk about how to handle pressure through the bad experience, this method is very natural and seem unorthodox because every problem will create the work pressure on every human being even though they are ready to resolve it, but there is something you need to know that the bad experience will give you another option and evoke a new memory into your mind when you are trapped in the new problem.

The problem would not get bigger once you don’t activate it, but when you succeed to control your emotional feeling, your problem will diminish by itself and it will not evolve as well, when you succeed to control your emotional feeling, your capacity will evolve and also it will develop as well, the bad experience may bring not good for your life career but the bad experience is not valid to your soul because your soul will work automatically like an Antivirus program to neutralize something bad within, the bad experience equals to your all ignorance result, if you want to handle pressure through the bad experience, improve your faithfulness level first because the faithfulness determines everything

All good faithfulness you engaged with, they are coming from the result of your conscious mind and the result of your spiritual growth, you must learn before you create the faithfulness, you must have knowledge how to determine a good purpose in your life and also have knowledge how to apply a good purpose into your faithfulness because every good purpose of yours will help you to engage happiness through bad experience, furthermore you must train your faithfulness to approach all type of kindness, once you engage the kindness with your sincere heart, all kindness will help you to neutralize the bad experience which may bring destruction in your career, in addition use your vitality to get you stand firmly and feel wisdom to remove any kind of obstacles and create something else more useful and more powerful even though you are under pressure.

I would like to remind you that not at all kindness will bring a good purpose to mankind, the reason is kindness can be manipulated by dishonest people and influence other people to maximize and enlarge the individual satisfaction feeling, finally the leader of them will bring destruction and create the feeling of altruism among those people who obey the dishonest people’s rule.

The true meaning of good purpose is inviting human’s faithful to become the meticulous person who bring benefit and bring peacefully to all human’s heart, not expecting the reward in return, all good purpose will always influence every human being to engage the good characteristics to alter human being to reach the prosperous, peacefulness, the everlasting happiness and the intangible knowledge.

How to end the problem with happiness

I would like to talk about how to end the problem with happiness, but before we classify the problem and get happiness from it, let we analyze a bit how to expand our mindset, so it can guide us how to make problem becomes simpler, there are 5 types of people how to end problem: the first person; he is succeeding how to detect the problem with their innovative ideas and resolve it by himself, the second person; he is fleeing away from the problem area because he is unable to detect the root cause, the third person; he is entering the problem parameter area with his own judgment but unfortunately he failed, he is trapped and he can’t come out towards the freedom area, because he doesn’t know how to exit, the fourth person; he is making poor complaints, grudging and blaming the problem, the fifth person; he is delegating someone else to end his problem because he assumes that the problem capacity is bigger than his own capacity.

Basically every problem in this world equals with the happiness when you understand how to play your emotional intelligent to be in good mood and how to interpret the problem becoming a new chance, before you decide to solve the problem you are facing now, the problem already know that you can’t resolve it unless you keep persistent how to fight it.

So you would better to change your mindset first to become a sincere person who wants to accept the reality before you enter the problem parameter area, the reason is when someone else disagrees to end the problem, that is your opportunity to change your mindset and engage the happiness through someone else’s problem because when someone one else decides to leave his problem, meaning he already neglect the biggest rewards from their own faithfulness.

You need to convince yourself that you always update your happiness by building your own vitality, creating your creativity, standing on your strongest focus and upgrading your mentality to make the power of hope because those are the basic rules how to create the everlasting happiness, every happiness has limitation and the happiness needs your motivation, we can’t leave the happiness because they are part of our life and it needs nourishing from us.

The happiness just ask us to feed it, the sooner you make it, the sooner you will gain from it, but if you don’t strive to make it happen, the unknown condition will insist you to nourish the negativity automatically, that is the natural law, the happiness can’t be searched on, but you can create it with your own definition.

How to stay positive when human is surrounded by negativity

I would like to talk about the topic; how to stay positive when every human is surrounded by negativity, this topic is concerned with the natural’s law because positive and negative are the unlimited resource which they work to stabilize the life system, we can’t avoid or erase all negativity within our soul; we just need to minimize or decline it.

Negative and positive are supporting each other, both energy are working to create the new resources, but not at all people are trying to avoid the negativity, instead they already possess the negativity resource to create the evil purpose, I just remind you that you may have negativity within your soul but you must keep balance with your positive resourcefulness, basically we are not made by almighty GOD to avoid the negativity from this life but we are trained to learn the negativity then rule the negativity, our duty is uniting the positive resource and negative resource to unlock the unlimited wealth within our soul.

Sometimes we are feeling bad in this life and we are considering this life treatment is injustice but there is good news behind them, the good view is never coming to the comfort standard, and the good view can be obtained when we struggle to step ahead on some obstacles and stay a while to the difficult situation at higher purpose till the insurmountable thing resolve themselves.

Basically the negative resource will not be added when you are persistent to stay wake up on the bad influences, don’t just focus on the one resource, the bad thing is when we focus on negative resource, we will leave positive resource automatically, or when we focus on positive resource, the negative resource will not draw the kindness because positive resource can’t work alone, it needs supporting from the negative resource.

It is not the bad thing we learn the negativity as long as you know how to rule it, we need knowledge and we need the failure, those are resource we may don’t like it the taste, but that is the law, we can’t remove the negativity from our soul but we need to prevail it until our destiny is showing up to the reality, all we need to do is swimming over the negativity but we don’t drown on it, we just stepping on the negativity to break our limit, engage the wisdom and live happily ever after, that is the key.

The ingenuity is the part of human relentless spirit

Today I would like to share the topic about the ingenuity, most people think the ingenuity is part of Almighty GOD’s gift, yes I agree, it is gift, but why everyone can’t engage the gift? Because they don’t believe the ingenuity is gift.

To answer that question, we must know that ingenuity is coming from the relentless spirit which it is have been developed and been trained long time ago, if someone can’t achieve the prerequisite, not because he is not talented, but he is keeping focus on his low standard, that the result is showing someone is lack of practice and also the responsibility he takes under the standard requirement.

So now all the results are practically growing up when it’s keeping developed by user, so problem is not becoming problem anymore because you are being persistent during developing the aptitude, please remember this note: every ingenuity result is not coming from the other people’s agreement opinion, but the ingenuity is coming from the people who think different, feel curiosity in any part of opportunity, self-motivated, stay positive in everyday situation, that is the prerequisite and it’s law how to build the ingenuity. Don’t contaminate and mix your weaknesses by filling your heart with the negativity judgment, if you apply it to your daily life, you will work on your own weaknesses automatically.

The relentless spirit will never stop tiring when you keep observing to what you want to prove in the future, also we should keep observing to a little thing such as commitment, positive attitude, ambition, patience, and hope because those good characteristic will guarantee your life to enjoy the life in the future.

Those people who are not putting their trust and guts to improve their life journey, they would never get the self-esteem, the reason is those people who don’t want to pay something valuable in the future, those people who never get the appreciation, here is the option how to pay something valuable in the future; being consistent person in creating every opportunity or you will lose faith during hoping new changes in your life experience.  

Why lack of use causes loss?

Today I would like to talk about the topic why lack of uses causes loss, some people think that the causing of loss because of losing the money or losing the gold or the expensive stuff, it’s totally wrong , remember this note, no matter you have lost your valuable stuff, you can find it to another place or you can ask someone else to buy it, but when you lost the vitality and ingenuity, no one will be able to represent it because those are the human resourcefulness, it will not be able to apply to other people’s aptitude.

There is no one will get a luck until they have used everything they had in the past and prove it by today, loss is not always losing the valuable thing which it can be seen by the naked eyes, the real meaning of loss is something priceless which it can’t be exchanged with the expensive stuff in this world such as faith, vitality, ingenuity, time, healthy, ambition, determination, etc.
the ignorance creature

Loss may create disappointment and prejudice in human’s feeling, before it begins to the reality, we need to see what you can learn from your past life experience, whether your life goes stagnancy or your life is getting started to engage the courage, sometimes our mentality is being tested with engaging the disappointment in order to make us believe stronger with the good paradigm, and paradigm will reflect to what you feel about loss, don’t ever try to waste the time overly because time will not running in loop, time is like an ice cube, whether you use it or not, it will be melting and it will not be reused, feeling regret is not helping you to improve everything, instead it will influence you to think negativity.

During you have the sufficient time in this life to evolve, you must practice your craft and spending your time on it, the miracle will happen when you stop expecting and start appreciating what you have got in your capable hands, once you keep improving something now, it will regain and reshape the new vitality and as result your creativity will not diminish and will create the everlasting hope and create the new inspiration for others.

What cause is making the humans worry?

Today I would like to talk about the topic what cause is making the humans worry? Some people consider that condition seems to be normal but in the fact worry is caused by having the lack of resourcefulness, having no future, being indecisive person, too much having a bad influence in their life rather than having a good influencing.

Worrying often leads the human being to the impaired mentality problem, worrying people will not able to concentrate during facing the new opportunity because worrying activity is making human vitality to be declined, so those people who ever make a complaints, those people who never succeed because they are busy complaining about what they think and they feel about the circumstance and those people who have habit like that, they never truly become what they want to be.

Having social relationship often bring the unimportant thing to the group of people because not at all human being in this group are able to handle pressure, and most favorable pressure is caused by many variant opinions in conversation between them, those people will not get happiness if they keep doing it, basically that social problem only leads group of people to be temperamental people.

Worrying activity can drain the energy and make you think you probably will not get any kind of opportunity, so worrying or not you make it for a day, the most worrying result will not happen during all day because worrying about the near future will make you becoming fearful person, the most dangerous thing in this life is when you worry about the future means you don’t have the future’s time in the following day because you waste your energy and your vitality by worrying, the only thing we can create the future is by doing something useful to pay what you want to become by exchanging your future with your today’s time.

What’s the best asset in this life?

I would like to talk about the question what’s the best asset in this life?, I assume that this question has been mysterious since this question had been asked by the ancient people long time ago because they thought the best asset was determining something to the new revolution, when they were inventing some practical equipment such as James Watt, Thomas Edison, etc.

The best asset for them at that time was looking for the inspiration, the inspiration will be detected automatically when human allow their subconscious mind going to the right place, the inspiration may not bring the successful in everyone mindset but at least every inspiration will teach people how to relearn about the lesson which may be forgotten or be neglected by human being.

 The inspiration is not easily going through to the human mindset because most people don’t know about the requirement level which is given by the new opportunity, another reason why most people are failing before stepping the milestone because they still commit repeating the same mistake in their standard level and also they still enjoy the mistake in the comfort zone area, as result the inspiration will not get caught by the human’s five sense, the main cause why the inspiration can’t be learnt because most people behave to be stubborn people, showing the pride or being arrogant people.

The ingenious asset should be renewed from the human mentality first such as renewing purpose, renewing the intention, renewing spirit of creativity and renewing decision, we don’t know when the best asset can be chosen by people in order to serve a good source of information, but at least all we can to do now is ensuring the human mindset is in the right position or improving the habit because those inspirations will not come once the bad habits abide, it’s law. Now we can conclude that the inspiration covers knowledge, good experience, book, good advice, life of creatures, the inanimate thing and the normal function at universe’s law. The last direction I would share to you how to maintain the good asset, if you want to invent the good asset in your time being, you just need to maintain the three major things in your life namely the right method, the right mindset and the good habit.

What is an exit strategy for a business?

Today I would like to share something related the question, what is the meaning of exit strategy for a business, exit strategy always concern with the profit or the solution for uniting the difference, some people consider the difference is good for them, and some people don’t consider the difference is good, to overcome this issue, I would remind you that many variety in difference can create a new risk, the simple thing to upgrade the product value is minimizing the variant product but upgrading one of the most favorable product’s function is very important than anything else.

The exit strategy in business, we don’t need many variety because it can diminish the human focus and also it weaken the opportunity to evolve, I give you an example how to make the exit strategy, if your method’s size is like a nail, the life will be hammer and it’s ready to punch you down because your method is persistent and stagnant, but if your method is like a water, the life can’t punch you down because you are not being stubborn in one method, sometimes we need to remain calm like a the still water and being easygoing person when life hits you down with many variety of insurmountable problem.

In the exit strategy for business, we only need to behave patience, accept the reality, upgrade the standard value for each product and keep continuing our last effort till the time answers our doubt, time is our last hope, don’t just keep quitting when you haven’t reached the goal, time is like ice cube, whether you use it or not, it will melt automatically, so don’t let time will get ahead and take your opportunity. In addition don’t just rely on the last method you used to expand your business mechanism, the last method is just making your imagination clearer than the previous one. Keep moving and keep hoping, that is significant method

The biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken

In this topic I would like to discuss about the topic; the biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken, the meaning of this statement is explaining that every human has spiritual which it is connected to power of belief, and the power of belief itself will alter every human’ psyche to the religion or some rituals which may lead humans to the place of sanctuary (providing safety and full of protection)

These kind of powers often bring the human being to the misleading place unwittingly if people are not carefully interpreting it because the sanctuary itself which is serving the miscellaneous of feeling of sense and also it is serving many unknowingly of risks, the spiritualism’s duty is influencing the human mindset to believe something which may related to the human’s destiny,  

 the definition of spiritualism is the resources energy which is used to help human being to connect between the human’s psyche and power of belief, on the other hand, we must understand that this life is having the reactive law, which it is consisted of the particle energy when mixed with another substance, once the power of belief already connected with human’s psyche, that power will activate the human mind’s reaction and it leads human’s strong feeling to give an order to move the human’s body to do something in the reality such as doing the ritual or doing daily activities.

The reason I choose the topic “the biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken” because I want to invite other people to think deeply and contemplate about the human’s passion, sometimes most people are considering the resource of happiness is coming from the life of reality covers the human’s love, ritualism, reward, etc. it is totally wrong, the happiness is not designed by the circumstances but the happiness is coming from the Life’s Creator.

He is giving the guarantee to all human being who belief to Him and not being disbeliever with His authority, and also He is spreading his sign of authority on earth to prove that He is standing with the nature law, He grants people with the fabulous mind in order to let humans think about his power of faith, so if you want to get happiness, don’t just rely on the reality because the reality is just symbol of bridge to connect between your power of faith with your life of destiny. the conclusion; please keep looking to your past mistake whether your mistake led you to the wrong happiness or the right happiness, the true of happiness is not price label or symbol, the happiness is the truth of faithfulness.

How to find the exit strategy in this life

In this topic I would like to discuss how to find the exit strategy in this life, before we face the problem, we need to know the basic rule; don’t ever try to understand the problem but focus on keep seeking the solution, don’t easily stop hoping until you alter new opportunity from your unexpected efforts, sometimes we are allowed by Almighty GOD to face the problem within our life in order to make us leaving the old mindset and study how to become the ingenuity experts.

 During struggling to find exit strategy, don’t just repeat your complaint in the same level about your weaknesses because every complaints you made in the past will get stronger and it can diminish your creativity soon, please change your complaint level to become the maximum curiosity level to seek better question, sometimes we need to change our standard question to become better question in order to get the revelation.

 I would remind you a bit about the old adage; behind the difficulties there must be the closest way to exit, let me illustrate something, please imagine when you are inside the tall building area and suddenly the building area interior is ablaze, you can’t exit the building till you destroy something next to you or create something to make you leaving a blaze building, that is the closest way to exit, that is the simple ways, when you make something to be simpler, the opportunity will open and spread.

 When we are at the beginning stage during facing new problem, we are being designed by problem such as a crumpled paper, the purpose is letting us to think better in order to improve our virtues, the closest way to find the solution is spending our time to practice our craft and create vision, the meaning of vision is measuring what we thought about result in the past time in order to know our capacity and it will compel us to follow every dots of hope which may alter us to the new opportunity till the today’s moment.

There are 3 beautiful stage we need to employ: vitality, hope and passion, those the basic powers to create the unlimited creativity, and that creativity is supposed for finding the exit strategy, the conclusion; when we knock the door of opportunity, the door will tell us there is risk and mistake within the room, when we don’t know the reason why we inside that room, we have never exited to the exit door.