Brokenness is brokenness, hope is hope

Today I would like to talk about the two things which may lead to where people’s faithfulness going, there are two things will happen in same time namely brokenness and hope, the reason why those two thing will happen to human’s faithfulness because in order to measure how much value human can endure from his time being, life is full of uncertainty, when someone is losing of hope, he is getting brokenness in his life automatically, although 1000 people will try to convince him to keep going and keep moving, nothing will change.

So what factor will make human can’t escape from that option, because of responsibility within it, sometimes we can’t deal with the difficult situation, but hope is the real power of willingness, no one knows when someone will escape from the difficult situation except someone already engage the power of hope.
Brokenness creates opportunity to evolve

When you set up the fire on the campfire, fire is getting bigger than before, that’s description of hope, the small hope will notify you to keep going although you are not ready yet to engage the power of hope, that’s miracle of life. But you must remember that there is the factor will make you get brokenness in this life; namely the faithfulness, the reason why faithfulness will create the brokenness because having wrong faithfulness will lead human’s destiny to the wrong way and finally human will arrive to the wrong destination, so watch out of your step where your life is going, don’t just consider “let it flow”, that is a dangerous decision because it will make someone can’t differentiate between brokenness and hope, so losing faith is the biggest enemies in this life.

Don’t make small doubt will convince your dream is too big to your capacity because small doubt will be disaster and become your favorable nightmare, all disaster are started from your doubt first, all you need to do is removing the obstacles by pulling the power of hope and create the opportunity in the tiny moment.