How to be the great finder within you?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to be the great finder, that question looks alike someone has lost his characteristic of value, universe is the key how to find the great keepers, the first thing we should know that making promise to ourselves is part of creating foundation of the great luck, as result you will be criticized by someone else about you once you make something differently. The second thing we should realize the great keeper can be detected when we have been seeking good thing from the circumstance, the meaning of great keeper is our commitment with the guy who lives in the future, and that future guy is our good calculation result, now we learn how to distinguish between the keepers and the finders.

 The keeper and the finder are companion, both shouldn’t be separated, but if both are deliberately being separated, the human will not find the guts and can’t find the good personality within, the keeper and the finder are being used to help people who are losing contact between their soul and their characteristic of resourcefulness, in order to measure the human value, we need a lot of focus to break the rule, sometimes breaking the rule is not the bad think as you think because breaking the rule will make you think how to survive and how to think different rather than most people thoughts, before someone is making a good experience from his life journey, someone must travel through to the unusual space which it is serving full of bad influencer in the past time, the bad influencer will give you an option; tend to die or tend to succeed, that is the unorthodox rule which it is allowing humans to be the great finder.

Don’t let your innermost voice will be drown by unknown circumstance, and also don’t try to believe the dogma which it tells you how to get the easy result because life is not talking about the shortcut of success but life is teaching about how to respect the process.

Before you are looking for inspiration to raise your standard, learn about what most people usually think and where most people spend leisure time, the great finders usually will find many mistakes at the first step before they are being great keepers, I just remind you that before being great keeper, you must train yourself how to become great finder, find your passion, intuition and create your own luck by practicing, a luck is like a miracle, it will come and approach to you soon once you had taken the great responsibility through decision you made in the past and you prove it today.