How to be survivor in your bad days

In this topic I would like to talk about how to be survivor in your bad days, the first thing I would let you know that the survivor can still alive because he can handle the characteristic of life pressure in which attacks him either his mentality or his physically, basically the bad day or the bad luck is not normally living in this life, there is only negativity which it persuades you to possess that power, also the negativity comes into your soul when you allow yourself to invite it.

Being good survivor, you just need to make disagreement or agreement in your disposition whether you are able to handle the chance or not, the survivor mindset says you can collect the opportunity as much as you can once you can delegate your knowledge in order to change the fear into power and you will be got the punishment once you give up entirely in the reality, remember that survival power can be activated automatically once you are in the desperation area which you can’t do anything better, somehow life will knock your head with the brick but in fact, life will tell you that you are more capable than you were as the last man standing on earth.

Imagine that you are alone in the island, there is no one who lives there except yourself, and then you only have a small boat as your last shelter, what will you do after that? Looking for inspiration or desperation, indeed you will face the dissatisfaction life, but if you behave as the truly survivor, you will not make any complaint except you start to remove the small arguing between your soul and strong reason, then you make something work in that island, finally your life will be wondrous after that, the purpose of dissatisfaction life is triggering your potential energy to create the power and being the best self among the successful people in the world.