How to control the word of mouth to become tone of inspiration?

In this topic I would like to talk about reason how to control the word of mouth, the first thing we do before we say something to other people is trying to listen more and more from other people who have problem, sometimes we don’t need joke for overcoming the problem because too many jokes can bring harmful to other people who can’t accept it.

As we know that every word will be our own responsibility, once it comes out from our mouth, it will transform into 1 page which is having 2 faces which it is shaped the inspiration or the desperation, so life is an option and we hope we don’t let anyone will misconstrue to our meaningful words.

As old adage “power is nothing except control” from that statement, we can try to differentiate between power and control, the definition of power is the ability to control people or things because of the result of repetition, otherwise the definition of control is part of the human nature ability to design everything in order to gain the excellent thing in various of endeavor.

To stabilize the word of mouth, human being needs the positive energy to ignite the control from human resources, we must recognize that the nature is always creating positive energy, the main duty of energy is helping the human potential energy to determine the main target or main ambition, all process needs repetition and practice because that is the prerequisite of nature, after human realize that there’s prerequisite of nature, he must try to listen his intuition first before he is revealing something to say to other people because listening intuition is part of listening universe, the next human job in order to stabilize the power of words of mouth is giving responsive in advice and being good sample person to other people is the effective way how to stabilize our words of mouth. If we could do more and more, as the result we are able to create the tone of inspiration to everyone.