How to end the problem with happiness

I would like to talk about how to end the problem with happiness, but before we classify the problem and get happiness from it, let we analyze a bit how to expand our mindset, so it can guide us how to make problem becomes simpler, there are 5 types of people how to end problem: the first person; he is succeeding how to detect the problem with their innovative ideas and resolve it by himself, the second person; he is fleeing away from the problem area because he is unable to detect the root cause, the third person; he is entering the problem parameter area with his own judgment but unfortunately he failed, he is trapped and he can’t come out towards the freedom area, because he doesn’t know how to exit, the fourth person; he is making poor complaints, grudging and blaming the problem, the fifth person; he is delegating someone else to end his problem because he assumes that the problem capacity is bigger than his own capacity.

Basically every problem in this world equals with the happiness when you understand how to play your emotional intelligent to be in good mood and how to interpret the problem becoming a new chance, before you decide to solve the problem you are facing now, the problem already know that you can’t resolve it unless you keep persistent how to fight it.

So you would better to change your mindset first to become a sincere person who wants to accept the reality before you enter the problem parameter area, the reason is when someone else disagrees to end the problem, that is your opportunity to change your mindset and engage the happiness through someone else’s problem because when someone one else decides to leave his problem, meaning he already neglect the biggest rewards from their own faithfulness.

You need to convince yourself that you always update your happiness by building your own vitality, creating your creativity, standing on your strongest focus and upgrading your mentality to make the power of hope because those are the basic rules how to create the everlasting happiness, every happiness has limitation and the happiness needs your motivation, we can’t leave the happiness because they are part of our life and it needs nourishing from us.

The happiness just ask us to feed it, the sooner you make it, the sooner you will gain from it, but if you don’t strive to make it happen, the unknown condition will insist you to nourish the negativity automatically, that is the natural law, the happiness can’t be searched on, but you can create it with your own definition.