How to find the exit strategy in this life

In this topic I would like to discuss how to find the exit strategy in this life, before we face the problem, we need to know the basic rule; don’t ever try to understand the problem but focus on keep seeking the solution, don’t easily stop hoping until you alter new opportunity from your unexpected efforts, sometimes we are allowed by Almighty GOD to face the problem within our life in order to make us leaving the old mindset and study how to become the ingenuity experts.

 During struggling to find exit strategy, don’t just repeat your complaint in the same level about your weaknesses because every complaints you made in the past will get stronger and it can diminish your creativity soon, please change your complaint level to become the maximum curiosity level to seek better question, sometimes we need to change our standard question to become better question in order to get the revelation.

 I would remind you a bit about the old adage; behind the difficulties there must be the closest way to exit, let me illustrate something, please imagine when you are inside the tall building area and suddenly the building area interior is ablaze, you can’t exit the building till you destroy something next to you or create something to make you leaving a blaze building, that is the closest way to exit, that is the simple ways, when you make something to be simpler, the opportunity will open and spread.

 When we are at the beginning stage during facing new problem, we are being designed by problem such as a crumpled paper, the purpose is letting us to think better in order to improve our virtues, the closest way to find the solution is spending our time to practice our craft and create vision, the meaning of vision is measuring what we thought about result in the past time in order to know our capacity and it will compel us to follow every dots of hope which may alter us to the new opportunity till the today’s moment.

There are 3 beautiful stage we need to employ: vitality, hope and passion, those the basic powers to create the unlimited creativity, and that creativity is supposed for finding the exit strategy, the conclusion; when we knock the door of opportunity, the door will tell us there is risk and mistake within the room, when we don’t know the reason why we inside that room, we have never exited to the exit door.