How to handle pressure through the bad experience

Today I would like to talk about how to handle pressure through the bad experience, this method is very natural and seem unorthodox because every problem will create the work pressure on every human being even though they are ready to resolve it, but there is something you need to know that the bad experience will give you another option and evoke a new memory into your mind when you are trapped in the new problem.

The problem would not get bigger once you don’t activate it, but when you succeed to control your emotional feeling, your problem will diminish by itself and it will not evolve as well, when you succeed to control your emotional feeling, your capacity will evolve and also it will develop as well, the bad experience may bring not good for your life career but the bad experience is not valid to your soul because your soul will work automatically like an Antivirus program to neutralize something bad within, the bad experience equals to your all ignorance result, if you want to handle pressure through the bad experience, improve your faithfulness level first because the faithfulness determines everything

All good faithfulness you engaged with, they are coming from the result of your conscious mind and the result of your spiritual growth, you must learn before you create the faithfulness, you must have knowledge how to determine a good purpose in your life and also have knowledge how to apply a good purpose into your faithfulness because every good purpose of yours will help you to engage happiness through bad experience, furthermore you must train your faithfulness to approach all type of kindness, once you engage the kindness with your sincere heart, all kindness will help you to neutralize the bad experience which may bring destruction in your career, in addition use your vitality to get you stand firmly and feel wisdom to remove any kind of obstacles and create something else more useful and more powerful even though you are under pressure.

I would like to remind you that not at all kindness will bring a good purpose to mankind, the reason is kindness can be manipulated by dishonest people and influence other people to maximize and enlarge the individual satisfaction feeling, finally the leader of them will bring destruction and create the feeling of altruism among those people who obey the dishonest people’s rule.

The true meaning of good purpose is inviting human’s faithful to become the meticulous person who bring benefit and bring peacefully to all human’s heart, not expecting the reward in return, all good purpose will always influence every human being to engage the good characteristics to alter human being to reach the prosperous, peacefulness, the everlasting happiness and the intangible knowledge.