How to pick up the good mentor

In this topic I would like to talk about how to pick up the good mentor, this section I would give you some criteria to help you determine and choose the good mentor, that is very important because there is the basic rule how to lead your success where they are going, sometimes we need model success to suit ourselves habits with the successful people’s.

The difference between mentor or the new learner are valued based on the qualification and capacity of method they have learned, mentor has repeated the focus point and retention of most memorable things, don’t easily to depress yourself with a new dogma which is telling you how to get the fast result or easy result because this universe system itself doesn’t teach how to get the fast result but the universe teaches how to get the happy end process, the belief rule we must believe namely commit and consistently to evolve.

Good mentor can be followed when he has shared a good purpose to any part of human being and share new thinking ways or idea which ensures will bring peace, justice, love and prosperous things in this life, so that is the basic rule how to pick up good things from mentor, many people consider that difference is good thing, but we need to learn the canvas of something new before we record it into our mind, basically “not at all differences are having beautiful wisdom for us, we need well suited system to unite the differences” some goods and some are not goods, those circumstances are part of the life test, we can’t just pick up at our free hands without considering the core essence of value within.

If someone wouldn’t set the mind’s security system, he would be treated as the robotic machine by life’s circumstance such as giving the human being a pain and suffer, good mentor should teach other people how to possess the mind security system, that is very important, because it can elevate the peacefulness and avoid the evil purpose.