How to stay positive when human is surrounded by negativity

I would like to talk about the topic; how to stay positive when every human is surrounded by negativity, this topic is concerned with the natural’s law because positive and negative are the unlimited resource which they work to stabilize the life system, we can’t avoid or erase all negativity within our soul; we just need to minimize or decline it.

Negative and positive are supporting each other, both energy are working to create the new resources, but not at all people are trying to avoid the negativity, instead they already possess the negativity resource to create the evil purpose, I just remind you that you may have negativity within your soul but you must keep balance with your positive resourcefulness, basically we are not made by almighty GOD to avoid the negativity from this life but we are trained to learn the negativity then rule the negativity, our duty is uniting the positive resource and negative resource to unlock the unlimited wealth within our soul.

Sometimes we are feeling bad in this life and we are considering this life treatment is injustice but there is good news behind them, the good view is never coming to the comfort standard, and the good view can be obtained when we struggle to step ahead on some obstacles and stay a while to the difficult situation at higher purpose till the insurmountable thing resolve themselves.

Basically the negative resource will not be added when you are persistent to stay wake up on the bad influences, don’t just focus on the one resource, the bad thing is when we focus on negative resource, we will leave positive resource automatically, or when we focus on positive resource, the negative resource will not draw the kindness because positive resource can’t work alone, it needs supporting from the negative resource.

It is not the bad thing we learn the negativity as long as you know how to rule it, we need knowledge and we need the failure, those are resource we may don’t like it the taste, but that is the law, we can’t remove the negativity from our soul but we need to prevail it until our destiny is showing up to the reality, all we need to do is swimming over the negativity but we don’t drown on it, we just stepping on the negativity to break our limit, engage the wisdom and live happily ever after, that is the key.