Money is having bad influence but good servant

Today I would like to talk about the topic “money is having bad influence but good servant”, what does it mean, now we can learn from the children when they have been given a money, what are going they do with that money, are they going to save it to the piggy bank or they just spend the money by exchanging it with the favorite snack they like the most.

The big question from that children story is no matter how much money do they receive, they are unknowingly being educated by the money’s habit to spend a lot for fulfilling self-satisfaction and finally the children are being extravagant, that is the bad habit from money that we need to remove from our habits.

Money itself has no value, but it can be exchanged to become valuable stuff when it will be utilized for helping the helpless people or needy people, don’t just being unwitting person who knows about the money usage but don’t know there is risk within it, that’s the reason there are many adult people in this world are glorifying about sum of money, otherwise the money is blindness, worthless.

If we want to know the money’s habit, we need to improve our knowledge standard about the resources place where the money goes and where it comes, the money is not so much interested with human, but the money is interested so much about the human’s value such as patience, hope and aptitude, Money doesn’t have eye, please imagine is the blind person in the street, what should you do with that blind person now?, are you mocking him or are you treating him well, so basically your treatment method should be the same as you treat with the blind person as well, the money has no future, but you have a future, money is just label, but you are self-product maker, don’t keep the label on your personally because your characteristic has the same level as money’s. but put the label on the right value and let the value works for you and satisfy you, please be mindful person, the progression value invites the true happiness and the money is just deadly weapon and armor, so what will we do now is how to make money work for us, the small step you need to do is don’t use money habit for fulfilling the self-satisfaction only, but make arrangement with money and let them go to work in where the price can meet the market value, that is the money’s home residence.