The biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken

In this topic I would like to discuss about the topic; the biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken, the meaning of this statement is explaining that every human has spiritual which it is connected to power of belief, and the power of belief itself will alter every human’ psyche to the religion or some rituals which may lead humans to the place of sanctuary (providing safety and full of protection)

These kind of powers often bring the human being to the misleading place unwittingly if people are not carefully interpreting it because the sanctuary itself which is serving the miscellaneous of feeling of sense and also it is serving many unknowingly of risks, the spiritualism’s duty is influencing the human mindset to believe something which may related to the human’s destiny,  

 the definition of spiritualism is the resources energy which is used to help human being to connect between the human’s psyche and power of belief, on the other hand, we must understand that this life is having the reactive law, which it is consisted of the particle energy when mixed with another substance, once the power of belief already connected with human’s psyche, that power will activate the human mind’s reaction and it leads human’s strong feeling to give an order to move the human’s body to do something in the reality such as doing the ritual or doing daily activities.

The reason I choose the topic “the biggest mistake is unknowingly of having mistaken” because I want to invite other people to think deeply and contemplate about the human’s passion, sometimes most people are considering the resource of happiness is coming from the life of reality covers the human’s love, ritualism, reward, etc. it is totally wrong, the happiness is not designed by the circumstances but the happiness is coming from the Life’s Creator.

He is giving the guarantee to all human being who belief to Him and not being disbeliever with His authority, and also He is spreading his sign of authority on earth to prove that He is standing with the nature law, He grants people with the fabulous mind in order to let humans think about his power of faith, so if you want to get happiness, don’t just rely on the reality because the reality is just symbol of bridge to connect between your power of faith with your life of destiny. the conclusion; please keep looking to your past mistake whether your mistake led you to the wrong happiness or the right happiness, the true of happiness is not price label or symbol, the happiness is the truth of faithfulness.