The flashlight is used for guiding principle for your anxiety

Today in this topic I would like to talk about “the flashlight is part of guiding principle for someone’s anxiety, maybe you think that’s is the unimportant topic, but now I would like you enjoy how the flashlight at your house will be core essence and it helps you to ascertain what really important thing you need to learn from the flashlight function.

The flashlight has produced the light power and then it determines the contacted of the core essence energy from the battery which is having the two poles (long thin straight of wood or metal especially is one end placed to the ground as support), when something click between the battery and the two poles from the flashlight’s body, there is new result and finally it creates new energy, so we call it as lighting system, basically in this life every new result is obtained when there are two core essences have been united and they have been stuck together in order to create the ingenuity of work, but unfortunately very few of humans are creating hope “the flashlight”, so whenever they don’t utilize their ambition, their ambition will be decline because the opportunity had taken it away from humans.

There is no good thing will bring meaningful unless we use our virtues for making the valuable purpose, that is the reason I will take “the flashlight”example to evoke your mindset and also I will open up your ingenuity through the sample above, if you want to be different people, think to the opposite way, such as most people 85% are activating the left brain to solve the problem, what if we start to activate the right brain to solve problem now?

There is nothing more worse when we are being called as stupid person by the majority people or society, also please don’t easily go down because of its circumstances because our ultimate power are being dug from the right brain, not coming from the left brain, those people who can’t stand with the life test such as making mistake and failure, they are who can’t do the better task, I will remind you again, please turn on your flashlight to create and find out the opportunity, if you miss the opportunity today morning in case you will lose everything you store in your strong ambition because your energy is no longer valid as you will do it by tomorrow morning, today is today and today is better rather than tomorrow because our future depends on what we determine by today, find your ambition immediately or our strong feeling will diminish and become duds.