The ingenuity is the part of human relentless spirit

Today I would like to share the topic about the ingenuity, most people think the ingenuity is part of Almighty GOD’s gift, yes I agree, it is gift, but why everyone can’t engage the gift? Because they don’t believe the ingenuity is gift.

To answer that question, we must know that ingenuity is coming from the relentless spirit which it is have been developed and been trained long time ago, if someone can’t achieve the prerequisite, not because he is not talented, but he is keeping focus on his low standard, that the result is showing someone is lack of practice and also the responsibility he takes under the standard requirement.

So now all the results are practically growing up when it’s keeping developed by user, so problem is not becoming problem anymore because you are being persistent during developing the aptitude, please remember this note: every ingenuity result is not coming from the other people’s agreement opinion, but the ingenuity is coming from the people who think different, feel curiosity in any part of opportunity, self-motivated, stay positive in everyday situation, that is the prerequisite and it’s law how to build the ingenuity. Don’t contaminate and mix your weaknesses by filling your heart with the negativity judgment, if you apply it to your daily life, you will work on your own weaknesses automatically.

The relentless spirit will never stop tiring when you keep observing to what you want to prove in the future, also we should keep observing to a little thing such as commitment, positive attitude, ambition, patience, and hope because those good characteristic will guarantee your life to enjoy the life in the future.

Those people who are not putting their trust and guts to improve their life journey, they would never get the self-esteem, the reason is those people who don’t want to pay something valuable in the future, those people who never get the appreciation, here is the option how to pay something valuable in the future; being consistent person in creating every opportunity or you will lose faith during hoping new changes in your life experience.