The ruler can’t be blamed while it is used to measure

In this topic I would like to elucidate the reason why the ruler can’t be blamed while it used to measure, In fact the ruler is designed by the human being, that statement is very touching to the reality, when someone is making mistake, life will tell something to human that human’s method must being renovated or being improved, life can’t be blamed easily because life system is having the most accurate description and having the most accurate calculation, besides that the life system is the most supreme system in the life of universe.

If you want to learn about the life system, you must behave yourself to be a good sample who is possessing about the human’s good characteristic such as justice, honest, loyal, patience, determination, etc. do you know why we must impersonate such thing? The answer; because when someone is engaging the human’s good characteristic, the life system is starting to teach us how to live through above the critical alarm such as pain, suffer, mistake, disappointment, etc. 

The basic reason why people can’t blame the life because human is part of the life system. that metaphorical can represent and also answer the question why the ruler can’t be blamed while it is used to measure, I am sure you already know that the basic of life system is having many characteristic we need to learn a lot such as strictness, ingrained, logical, evolve and consistence.

The key of success is still connected with the ruler’s belief system, we are not allowed to blame the measurement model, but we are allowed to blame the method when using the ruler to measure line, shape or something. The conclusion is whenever we are making mistake, we must improve our method first, and do not ever try to blame the knowledge, once the method has been renewed, as the result the relentless success will approach us immediately.