The water pipe function is guiding your own luck

In this topic I would like to talk about the water pipe function is guiding your own luck, this topic I choose because there are few people are always complaining about the wealthy they receive is not equal with their effort, in addition they are hardworking person, that is the problem, they pretend to be hard working people for intending their personal business only, here you need to know that life is not talking about yourself, but life is talking about our life guarantee, whether you are luckiest person or unlucky person, there is no matter as much, every single person will get pain during making the life journey, so no one would ever succeed to escape from that law and that is the guarantee you need to learn although you don’t ever like the process, life wouldn’t ask you to like it but life would ask you to learn from it.

Within the guarantee process, there is risk and chance, once you decide to face the risk, automatically you will get a chance from it, but if you avoid the risk, automatically you will lose of chance in addition you will lose of faith as well, that’s the natural law we need to think deeply, the reason I choose the example about water and pipe because every single of water represents the wealthy and the pipe represents a chance, our basically job in this world is designing the pipe, building the pipe, innovating the pipe and repairing the pipe if necessary.

Now let we explain the process, “at the first thing the water pipe is created in order to transfer the water from the water tank and the water will come out when the pipe is connected with the faucet, when the faucet is opened, the water flows from the pipe and drop the ground”, if there is not the installed faucet, the water will come out to any place and will drown the land, so the faucet’s function is controlling, in the human’s psychology we call as emotional intelligent, it has same function as the water’s faucet, if the faucet unable to flow out the water, what will you do then?

The question above mentioned has given you a guidance to allow you thinking to another question, what are you resisting from your own potential pipe? What are you pushing against? Why are you not allowing the water flows out? Remember this note; every single of our wrong decision and single of our wrong focus will block our potential automatically, that we learn from the water, the faucet and pipe.