Waiting the uncertainty in the future is good or not?

Today I would like to explain the statement above and this topic is concerned with the time signal, waiting the uncertain matter makes something will lose faith and lose confidence, in the reality this habit had influenced to many people around world for many years, I don’t understand why so many clever people are behaving such thing, if they have been asked regarding how they can get failure, they statistically say this is part of life journey.

From that statement we know that we can’t avoid the adversity in this life but waiting the uncertain is creating a pain and suffer to human being, but focus in making a decision in the short time is dispensable, the reason is the life will show us about the certain matter once we start to do something meaningful, our time is very limited, time is always counting our faith and our power usage within body and soul, but if we don’t utilize it for particular purpose or goal, we will lose the opportunity.

The best method how to wait the certainty is making the opportunity by doing what you can do now and follow your biggest passion, in addition you must remember that don’t ever try to let your passion to be dangle which it is standing by your side, the integrity must adhere within you, it is indispensable power because it leads you to the guarantee process where you start something.

Don’t easily to be influenced by the loser or the desperation people who haven’t experienced with the integrity, the best thing in this life can’t be waited by the half of integrity or possessing the half of passion, every single day is part of best opportunity, doing difference is every single day is part of downloading the pull mentality from the universe, so please do the certain process and being the powerful people because the greatness in the future will approach you in your time when you meet the prerequisite or requirement.