What are the prey and the predator in this life?

Today I would like to talk about the topic what does it meaning of the prey and the predator in this life, the prey is the object need to be pursued because it has weaknesses and the predator is something powerful and it will eat or crash the prey, time is always becoming the supreme predator, but unfortunately most people 85% are not working for salvaging the good things from the time being, like as opportunity and hope, people are so interested and focus with today’s event as if there is no the next thing will be waiting us, and based on statistically 85% most people are losing faith of hope even though they know they are going to work in this life but that’s not purpose of life, the purpose of life is changing something we obsess to be alive such as turning fear becomes power, desperation becomes aspiration, mistake becomes opportunity, disbeliever becomes believer and so on.

Time has contribution to change everything we obsess, in fact the time is not our ultimate power that we need to exchange with goods, and time is the unknown space which is allowing us to exchange everything we obsess with rewards, such as learning creates knowledge, having ambition creates new hope, having the emotional intelligent creates virtue, and vitality creates creativity, making new mistake creates new opportunity, if we don’t employ them by today’s time, we lost what we obsesses and we start suffering and pain.

Time is reflecting to our career whether it will be upgraded by itself or it will be degraded by itself automatically, if we intend to waste the time for fulfilling the satisfaction only, this universe is not enough to satisfy our desire, now I will share another idea to consider the time as self-mirror test, now what do you observe when you face the mirror?

The characteristic of mirror is reflecting the object to revert left position and right position to become the reversal, basically left and right are like the two pairs in the single package, please you learn carefully at two pairs in this life, for example: before the mistake comes, there is solution in the closest way, before the rain comes, thunder hasn’t come yet, before the wind comes, the fire still goes off.

 Time being is designed by almighty GOD to be our business VIP partner, unfortunately most people are considering the time as the best enemy, as the result, people are wasting time all day long by doing nothing, not evolve, after the next couple days, they are repenting to what they had done in the past because they realize can’t buy the time.

Don’t make time like your precious prey because one day the time will give you reward to pay off your relentless effort, so stop expecting the time to serve you, but expecting that time gives you the acceleration while you are doing benefits, don’t compare your time with other’s because every human has different capacity, time is predator and you are part of its prey, sometimes we need to accelerate our motion, passion, vitality to make better fail before getting success in the right time zone.